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The Best: Pocket Light

What is the Best Small LED Flashlight?

Our Favorite Single Cell Pocket Lights

Flashlights come in all shapes and sizes, and while the smallest lights aren't always the brightest, they do offer versatility in their ability to be kept in your pocket or on your Keychain.

Pocket lights are perfect accessories for any keychain, backpack, purse, or wallet. That's why we've made this list of our favorite pocket lights from a variety of world-renowned brands. Before we get started, it's important to make the distinction between these lights, and what we typically define as Every Day Carries. We categorize EDC lights as (Besides something you carry every day) something that's kept in the mindset of preparedness. And while some of these lights certainly fit into that category, others aren't ideal for emergency situations like changing a tire at night, or finding your way out of the woods. These lights are more tailored towards the practical applications that most of us need a flashlight for, looking for your cell phone when it falls between your car seats, or lighting up the lock to your front door. For that, you want small, light, and easy to keep on you. Power isn't a necessarily top priority, but it doesn't hurt.

Recommendations By Battery Type:

The Inova Microlight STS is the smallest light on our list. It has a sixteen lumen LED that will last forever and is powered by two lithium 2032 button cells. The Microlight features a swipe interface for turning it on or off and can be dimmed easily by holding your finger over the sensor. You can also access a low mode and beacon mode by swiping two or three times in a row.

The Titanium Innovations Illuminati offers similar dimensions to the i3S. Powered by a single AAA, it can produce 132 lumens in its brightest mode and also features a medium and low mode, all accessible by twisting the bezel of the light. For a single AAA flashlight, this little guy produces a ton of output, and is unique in offering three settings in such a small package. The Illuminati comes in a black anodized finish as well as polished titanium.

The Olight i3S is the newest generation of Olight's single AAA-powered "i" series. This light is larger than the Inova Microlight, but still easily fits on a keychain and produces eighty lumens in high mode. The i3S features anodized aluminum for scratch resistance as well as water resistance up to two meters. Olight offers the i3S in black, blue, red, purple, and yellow.

The JetBeam DDA10 is the largest light on this list, and crosses into the true EDC category. Its 160 lumen high output is bright enough for a variety of situations while its digital display provides information about the light's current mode and remaining battery life. Powered by a single AA, the DDA10 is a unique and practical flashlight.

The V11R is at the top of a number of EDC and pocket flashlight lists with good reason. The tail switch interface offers one-handed functionality, while the variable output allows you to stop the brightness at any level from 0.1 lumens to the maximum 570 lumens. The magnetic control ring at the head of the light is one of our favorite interfaces. At only 3.3 inches long, the V11R offers the best in power and portability.

Of course we carry a number of other amazing pocket-sized flashlights here at BatteryJunction.com. Many are perfect for key chains and lanyards, while others offer performance and features that will keep you out of the dark in harsh conditions and emergency situations. Take a look below at some of our favorite picks!