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9V Li-Ion / Lithium Polymer Batteries

If you are a fan of rechargeable lithium ion and lithium polymer batteries you will be happy to know that these batteries are available in nine volt form. Battery Junction has a selection of lithium polymer batteries from iPower in stock at low prices. This selection includes the iPower rechargeable lithium polymer 9V 520mAh battery, a cell that is considered the first and only Ultra High Capacity lithium polymer rechargeable battery for professional use. These batteries use a new gel-type electrolyte that has an energy density that is 20 percent more than typical lithium ion batteries and about three times better than NiCad and NiMH cells. The iPower 9V IP9V500 is a 500mAh cell that has similar technology to the higher end unit with slightly less capacity. Both of these cells have more capacity than any other nine volt rechargeable battery on the market and the actual capacity of these cells is close to those of standard 9V alkaline batteries which are 540mAh. Each of these lithium polymer 9V batteries can be recharged hundreds of times and there is no memory effect associated with these cells.

These nine volts cells can only be charged using the new iPowerUS charger which is also available at Battery Junction. This charger, item number IPOWER-9V-CHARGER, features four channels of independent charging for each of the four nine volt batteries that can be charged simultaneously. Batteries can be charged in about two hours and the battery charger includes auto protect with a voltage timer control and auto detection and charging for 7.2V/8.4V/9.6V batteries. If you have a piece of equipment that requires nine volt batteries, these iPower lithium polymer cells are a great choice at Battery Junction is the best site for all of your rechargeable battery needs.