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AE Light Xenide 25W HID Flashlight Searchlight 1500 lumens! AEX25

AE Light Xenide 25W HID Flashlight Searchlight 1500 lumens! AEX25
AE Light Xenide 25W HID Flashlight Searchlight 1500 lumens! AEX25
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Item #:AEX25
Product Review:
Regular Price:$523.95
Sale Price:$455.00 & Free Shipping!
Commonly referred to as Xenon these powerful lights are actually Metal Halide. The name XENIDE® (zee-nide) is derived from the words Xenon, an inert gas with cleansing properties and Metal Halide salts added in the arc chamber that vaporize when charged to create the light plasma.

AE Xenide™ 25W HID Flashlight

  • 25W 1500± lumens
  • AE Xenide Run time *120 minutes
  • 12 degree fixed spot
  • Length * 13.5"
  • Weight 2lbs

  • Optimized reflector, with superior focus, and reflectivity resulting in better lumen transfer to the target and sharper crisper beam.
  • Improved HID burner resulting in more lumens per watt.
  • New "Patent Pending" lamp/ballast electrical circuit, resulting in less losses meaning more lumens per watt and allowing for closer connection shortening the length slightly.
  • New "Patent Pending" on/off switch mounted behind the light head and forward of the body, resulting in better balance, and single hand operation.
  • Light weight & short length.
  • Narrow diameter hand grip for better hand fit.
  • New ballast to battery connector with modular design for ease of replacement with longer run time battery.
  • Improved shock resistance.
  • AC charger with CE, UL, GS & PSE, certifications.
  • IP65 rating for use in intrinsically safe environments (Pending certification).

Optional XENIDE Colored Filter Set includes Amber, Blue, Diffuser, Green, Red & IR 850nm filters.

Optional XENIDE Battery Charger Stand Allows you to charge an extra battery with the included AC adapter or optional DC adapter.
Runtime (Hours):-2---
Output Modes:Single Brightness Level
Compatible Batteries:Battery Pack
Batteries Included:Yes
Included Accessories:AC Wall Charger, Strap
Flashlight Usage:Search Lights
Throw Distance (Max):914.4m
Switch Location:Body
Product Certifications:ANSI, IPX-7, IP6-X, UL
Brand:AE Light
Warranty:Battery Junction 30-Day Warranty
Return Policy:Battery Junction Return Policy
Primary Material:Anodized Aluminum
Product Weight:32oz
AE Light Xenide 25W HID Flashlight Searchlight 1500 lumens! AEX25
5 Stars based on 2 Review(s)
Dale W
5 Stars

Worth Every Cent!
April 26, 2011
I purchased this light when it first came out a few years ago and have used it it all conditions from 100+ degree temps in the desert to sub-zero winters in the mountains. Works flawlessly every time. When switched on, it itakes about a minute to come up to full output. Don\'t worry, there\'s PLENTY of light even on startup. Love the beam configuration: a intense long range core for lighting up that distant object, with a very well balanced flood area for seeing closer surroundings without blinding. Excellent quality. I do wish it had a battery gauge. No way of telling how long you have left, as it will maintain full brightness until battery is exhausted, then \"blink\", and you\'re in the dark. Otherwise than that, no complaints whatsoever.

5 Stars

AE 25W
December 27, 2009

AELight - Battery: Xenide 2600mAh AEX-2600 for AEX20
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AELight - Battery: Xenide 4800mAh, Hi output cold operations. AEX-4800 for AEX20 & AEX25
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AE Light 4800mAh Li Waterproof Power Pack AEX/4800-WP
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AELight - Xenide Battery Charger Stand AEX-STAND
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AELight - XENIDE Power Cord Adapter for constant in-vehicle use
Regular price: $37.95
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Xenide Filter set - Diffuser, IR850, Amber 3-AEX/Filter-DIA
Regular price: $82.95
Sale price: $72.00
Xenide Colored filter set - Red, Green, Blue 3-AEX/Filter-RGB
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Sale price: $46.00
Xenide® Colored filter set 6-AEX/Filters
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Sale price: $95.00
Xenide EasyMount Auto OR wall mount Pair of 2 2-AEX Easy Mount
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Sale price: $22.62
Xenide End Cap waterproof cover AEX/Solid End Cap
Regular price: $4.49
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AELight Rubber Glow In The Dark Lens & End Cap Protectors AEX-GLOW
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