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All Button and Coin Cells

Button and coin cell batteries are commonly used in watches, calculators, keyless entry systems, hearing aids, laser pointers, glucometers, LED accessories, and more. These highly specialized cells are known for their very long battery life and a low self-discharge rate. They are made from a variety of chemistries, including silver oxide, alkaline, lithium, and zinc air. offers special discounts to bulk and wholesale buyers. We are confident that we can offer you the best price, quality, and availability. Contact our sales department here for bulk discounts. If you're having trouble finding what you need, contact our battery specialist using the live-chat feature at the top of your screen, or call 860-767-8888 any week day between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM Eastern Time!

Silver Oxide Button Cells
303 SR44SW 339 SR614SW 371 370 SR920W SR920SW 389 390 SR1130SW
341 SR714SW 372 SR916W 391 SR1120W
315 SR7165W 344 SR1136SW 373 SR615SW 392 SR41W
317 SR516SW 346 SR712SW 377 376 SR626SW 393 SR754W
319 SR527SW 357 SR44W 379 SR521SW 394 SR936SW
321 SR6165W 361 362 SR721SW 381 SR1120SW 395 399 SR927W
329 SR731SW 364 363 SR621SW 396 SR726W
335 SR512SW 365 SR1116SW 386 301 SR43W 397 396 SR726SW
337 SR416SW 366 SR1116SW

Alkaline Button Cells
LR41 LR43 LR44/A76

Lithium Button Cells
CR1025 CR1225 CR1632 CR2025 CR2430
CR1216 CR1616 CR2012 CR2032 CR2320
CR2450 CR1220 CR1620 CR2016 CR2325 CR2412 CR2477

Zinc Air Hearing Aid Batteries