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Coleman 58033 18 Watt Solar Battery Charger Kit with 7 Amp Charge Controller

Coleman 58033 18 Watt Solar Battery Charger Kit with 7 Amp Charge Controller
Item #:COLEMAN-58033
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The Coleman 58033 Solar Battery Charger Kit provides 18 Watts of clean, renewable energy for use with your Automobile, RV, Boat, Tractor, ATV, Electric Fence, Deer Feeder, and more! Providing maintenance free charing in all daylight conditions, the 58033 is ideal for charging your 12V Batteries.

Features and Specifications
  • Works with Automobiles, RV's, Boats, Tractors, ATVs, Electric Fences, Deer Feeders, Telemetry, and More
  • Maintenance Free / Easy Installation
  • Includes:
    • Pre Cut Holes for Easy Installation
    • 4 Stainless Steel Screws
    • Battery Clamps
    • CLA Adapter
    • 12ft Wire
    • 7 Amp Charge Controller
  • Works in All Weather Conditions
  • Ultra Bright Blue LED Provides Charging Indication
  • Built-in Blocking Diode Protects Battery Discharge at Night
  • Made of Durable ABS Plastic with an Amorphous Solar Cell
  • Temperature Range: -40&730; to 176&730; F
  • Max Output: 18 Watts 1.2 Amp
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 38” x 13.5” x 1.5” (96.52 x 34.29 x 3.81 cm)
  • Weight: 15 Lbs
  • Manufacturer’s Part Number: 58033
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Coleman 58033 18 Watt Solar Battery Charger Kit with 7 Amp Charge Controller
What types of batteries can my solar charger charge?

All 12 Volt batteries similar to those used in cars, boats, RV's, motorcycles and personal water craft.

Can I overcharge my battery?

Yes! It is recommended to buy the Coleman 7 Amp charge regulator to not overcharge the battery.

Will the Solar Charger keep my battery fully charged?

The Solar Charger charges your battery with the power of the sun. With a charge controller, it will keep a battery charged.

How long does it take to charge a dead battery?

The Solar Charger produces 1.5 Amps per Hour in full sunlight. Depending on the size of your batteries a 40 Amp Hr battery, at 50%, would take 20 Hrs. By doubling the amount of panels, you would reduce the time needed by Half.

Can I extend the wire?

The 12' wire can be extended up to a maximum of 27', without Loss of power or voltage.

How many batteries can I charge using 1 unit?

This Solar Charger is capable of charging a bank of batteries but the charge will be divided. Ensure positive to positive and negative to negative connections to ensure 12Volts.

Can this Solar Charger run my whole house?

No. This panel is best used to recharge 12 Volt Batteries. Please check Charts on the box for charging options.

How can I run 110 Volt appliances with my Solar Chargers?

By using an Inverter connected to the battery that Converts DC Power to AC Power.

Is my Solar Charger Weatherproof?

Yes, this panel is fully weatherproofed.

Can I run an appliance directly from my Solar Charger without a battery?

Yes, although the Solar Charger might have inconsistent voltages and will affect running the appliance. It is recommended to charge 12Volt batteries only.

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