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Duracell Procell Alkaline Batteries - All Sizes

The ProCell line of batteries from Duracell consists of alkaline batteries that have been designed to be very reliable while delivering outstanding performance. One of the advantages of these Duracell batteries over alkaline batteries from their competitors is that ProCell batteries have been specially designed to generate dependable, long lasting power. These batteries can be used at temperature extremes ranging from -4 degrees to 129 degrees F. In addition, Duracell date codes these batteries to guarantee freshness. These batteries come in the usual range of sizes including AA, AAA, C, D and 9V to power all sorts of electronic devices including toys, clocks, radios, and remote controls. Duracell ProCell batteries are also available in N size to provide up to 40 hours of operational time for night vision devices. These batteries can also be purchased in bulk sizes which are especially beneficial to wholesale customers.