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Duracell C LR14 Alkaline Batteries - 4 Pack

Duracell C LR14 CopperTop Alkaline Battery - 4 Pack (MN1400R4ZX17)
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Duracell C LR14 CopperTop Alkaline Battery - 4 Pack (MN1400R4ZX17)

Duracell CopperTop are new and improved to meet the growing needs of consumers. The technology of the CopperTop battery has been constantly upgraded to provide advanced performance in popular battery powered devices. Duracell CopperTop batteries are recognized worldwide as the industry leader for quality and performance. The Duracell CopperTop is best suited when you need reliable, long lasting life from your everyday devices!

Features and Specifications:
  • Size: C
  • Chemistry: Alkaline
  • Chemical System: Alkaline-Manganese Dioxide
  • Capacity: 7000mAh
  • Voltage: 1.5V
  • Diameter: 1.03" (26.2mm)
  • Height: 1.96" (50mm)
  • Weight: 2.4 oz. (69g)
  • Cross Reference: LR14, R14, MN1400, UM2, HP11 # 1400-C UM-2, MN1400, MX1400, PC1400, 14AC, 14A, E93, EN93, 814, AL-C, 7522, AM2, HP11

More Information:

Duracell is a brand that has been trusted for generations. The well-known battery manufacturer has now improved upon their classic CopperTop design to improve performance and meet the growing demands of modern electronics. The enhanced performance combined with the brand’s history of quality has made them an industry leader. The Duracell C LR14 CopperTop battery is the best choice for long lasting power for all of your everyday devices.

Duracell C size batteries have a capacity of 7000mAh and weigh just 2.4 ounces. Each package contains 4 C batteries.

Duracell C LR14 CopperTop Alkaline Battery - 4 Pack MN1400R4ZX17
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