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Fenix is an LED flashlight manufacturer specializing in producing high quality LED flashlights. Fenix employs professional engineers to design innovative and technologically advanced illumination tools. Their goal is to create products that incorporate advanced designs with high quality manufacturing, outstanding performance and excellent service.

Fenix has a variety of accessories for your Fenix LED flashlights. Ranging from bike mounts, weapon mounts, pressure switches, headbands, traffic wands, diffusers, filters, and so much more, Fenix has just the right accessory to personalize your Fenix LED flashlight to suit your needs.
Fenix TT Tasmanian Tiger Holster - Fits PD35, TK09 and LD22 Models - Available in Multiple Colors
Fenix AOD-S Diffuser Tip for Select P-Series - L-Series - and E-Series Flashlights
Fenix AOD-M Diffuser Tip for Select TK-Series - E-Series - and RC-Series Flashlights
Fenix LD/PD Series Diffuser Lens for for Fenix LD10 LD20 PD20 PD30 HP10 Flashlights (AD401)
Fenix AOD-L Diffuser Tip for 63mm Diameter LED Flashlights - Works with TK40,TK41, and TK60
Fenix ALG-01 Tactical Flashlight Ring
Fenix AB02 Flashlight Belt Clip
Fenix AR101 Remote Pressure Switch for TK Series LED Flashlights - Works with TK10 - TK11-Q5 - TK11-R2 and TK20
Fenix AR102 Remote Pressure Switch for TK/TA Series LED Flashlights - Works with TA20 - TA21 - TK11-R5 - TK15 - TK21 - TK22 and TK30
Fenix Headband Fits 18-22mm Diameter Lights (FX-HB)
Fenix Diffuser Traffic Wand - RED for L and P series Fenix flashlights (AD201)
Fenix Flashlights FX-RD Red Diffuser Wand fits L and P series Fenix flashlights
Fenix Flashlights FX-RTF Red Filter fits most Pxx and Lxx series Fenix LED Flashlights (AD301-R)
Fenix Flashlights Filters (Red, Blue & Green) for TK Series: TK10, TK11 & TK20
Fenix Red Diffuser Tip - Large for TK Series Lights (AD102-R)
Fenix A0D-SOR Diffuser Tip for PD31 and PD32 LED Flashlights - Red
Fenix Camping Lampshade For Fenix L P and H series LED flashlights
FENIX Camping Lampshade for the TK series (AD502-N)
Fenix Battery Storage Cap - Works with L1D - L2D - L1T V2 - L2T V2 - P2D - and P3D
Fenix HP20 Diffuser Lens
Fenix Extended Battery Kit for the RC10/RC15 Flashlights (ARB-L1S)
Fenix Flashlight Extended Runtime Kit for the TK75 Flashlight (AER-TK75)
Fenix ARB-L3 7.4v 7800mAh Li-Ion Proprietary Battery for the RC40 Flashlight
Fenix ARB-L2S 3.6v 3400mAh Li-Ion 18650 Battery
Fenix Blue Filter Adapter for PD35, PD12, and UC40 Ultimate Edition Flashlights
Fenix Red Filter Adapter for PD35, PD12, and UC40 Ultimate Edition Flashlights
Fenix Green Filter Adapter for PD35, PD12, and UC40 Ultimate Edition Flashlights
Fenix ARW-10 Car Adapter - Fits the ARE-C2 Multi-Charger and ARE-C1 Smart Charger
Fenix ARB-L2M 18650 Rechargeable 2300mAh Lithium Ion Battery
Fenix Flashlights FX-PC Pocket Clip for AAA Fenix LED Flashlights