Fenix TK Series
Tactical LED Flashlights

Fenix is an LED flashlight manufacturer specializing in producing high quality LED flashlights. Fenix employs professional engineers to design innovative and technologically advanced illumination tools. Their goal is to create products that incorporate advanced designs with high quality manufacturing, outstanding performance and excellent service. Fenix has created a different line of flashlights for every application. Their T- Series of LED flashlights appeals to tactical users. These flashlights are extremely tough and rugged. They are made for hunters, police officers, and soldiers; their unique design allows for a perfect grip and they provide an immense amount of light which is vital in life-threatening situations. Fenix T Series Flashlights:
TA20, TA21, TA30, TK10, TK11, TK09, TK20, TK30, TK35, TK40, TK41, TK45, TK50