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Fenix TK45 R5 Tactical LED Flashlight - 3x CREE XP-G R5 LEDs - 760 Lumen - Uses 8x AA Batteries

Fenix TK45 R5 Tactical LED Flashlight - 3x CREE XP-G R5 LEDs - 760 Lumen - Uses 8x AA Batteries
Fenix TK45 R5 Tactical LED Flashlight - 3x CREE XP-G R5 LEDs - 760 Lumen - Uses 8x AA BatteriesFenix TK45 R5 Tactical LED Flashlight - 3x CREE XP-G R5 LEDs - 760 Lumen - Uses 8x AA BatteriesFenix TK45 R5 Tactical LED Flashlight - 3x CREE XP-G R5 LEDs - 760 Lumen - Uses 8x AA BatteriesFenix TK45 R5 Tactical LED Flashlight - 3x CREE XP-G R5 LEDs - 760 Lumen - Uses 8x AA BatteriesFenix TK45 R5 Tactical LED Flashlight - 3x CREE XP-G R5 LEDs - 760 Lumen - Uses 8x AA Batteries
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Wow what on Earth is that? The Fenix TK45 looks unlike any other Fenix flashlight, for that matter, any other flashlight in general! Featuring three LEDs within their own separate bezels, this light has more than enough lumen output to light up Rockefeller Center on Christmas Eve! What is better than single you ask? Double, but what is better than double now? Triple! Let's face it, we know you clicked on the TK45 simply because, well frankly, it looks awesome. Each crenelated bezel can be either used individually or as a team during self-defense much like a mini-gun spools up.

Triple Threat

Bing, Bang, Boom

The one-two-three combination of each CREE XP-G (R5) LED is the perfect medley for heat dissipation in a compact size. When all three LED's have been activated, they each focus just right to shoot a beam as far as 200 meters. 6 modes make this thing even more versatile as you can select from 760 lumen Turbo mode, 312 lumen High mode, 95 lumen Mid mode, 8 lumen Low mode, 760 lumen Strobe mode, and SOS mode for signaling. Think about it, 232 hours is over nine days and nights! You will never have to worry about batteries again.

Rugged Construction

The Highest Standard

This light is IPX-8 dust and waterproof rated. This means that you can smack it against anything, drop it from up to a meter off the ground, submerge it in up to 2 meters of water, blast it with dust and sand, even leave it beached on the shore while the waves relentlessly beat it over and over again and the TK45 will STILL work like new! Fenix made this light to handle the worst mother nature has to offer as it is made from tough Type III hard anodized aluminum with an anti abrasive finish, a lens made form toughened ultra clear glass with an anti reflective coating, and has an outstanding heat sink system which maximized performance. The dual button switch design makes it easy to operate, and the flat tail cap lets you stand this light up like a candle for ambient or area lighting.

  • Unique shape of a mini-gun
  • LED: 3 x Cree XP-G (R5) LEDs
  • Outstanding heat dissipation
  • Sidewinder dual switch system
  • Waterproof
  • Package Includes: Lanyard, Spare O-rings, and Case
  • UPC: 6942870300764
  • Output mode/Run time:
    • Turbo: 760 lumens / 2 hrs
    • High: 312 lumens / 6.5 hrs
    • Mid: 95 lumens / 22 hrs
    • Low: 8 lumens / 232 hrs
  • Powered: 8 x AA Ni-MH, Alkaline Batteries (batteries not included)
  • Flashing modes: Strobe and SOS
  • Maximum beam distance: 200m
  • Peak beam intensity: 10,000cd
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 7.95" (202mm)
    • Body diameter: 1.54" (39.2mm)
    • Bezel diameter: 2.32" (56mm)
    • Weight: 11.43oz (324g) (excluding batteries)
Fenix TK45 R5 Tactical LED Flashlight - 3x CREE XP-G R5 LEDs - 760 Lumen - Uses 8x AA Batteries
5 Stars based on 5 Review(s)
5 Stars

Perfect general purpose light
April 16, 2013
I bought this light late in 2010 during the hoopla about closing the coal power plants, and when I got it, it was about the size of most of those wimpy 2 D lights you used to see everywhere. I stuffed 8 alkaline batteries into the light, and it does an excellent job in all modes. On low, it is about as bright as the basic 2 D light but the batteries last longer (they are carried in 2 holders). The second output is perfect for those everyday lighting situations, such as cable or electrical installation. (Or changing a fuse.) What I like about this light is that you can also use NiMH batteries. I placed some of the low self discharge NiMH batteries in the light, and the performance was just as good as with alkalines without worry about leaking and batteries in the landfill. And it is perfect for just about any emergency you might expect in an urban environment. I will say that this is excellent for general camping or exploration. Even many military uses or hunting are a good match for this light. If you are using it for major search and rescue in a jungle, however, I would recommend still more power--even though lights that carry that much power use lithium 18650 batteries. But this is about as good as you are going to find without having to use 18650\'s. You can use Eneloops and be just fine with this light. And yes, it is worth the high cost. From finding a tool in your drawer to changing a light bulb in a dark attic, to repairing your bicycle in an unlit area, to emergency roadside lighting, to camping and hunting, or even exploration, this is the light you need. While it will not do well as a pocket light, it does well in a backpack or car-based camping trip.

5 Stars

Massive wall of light
November 23, 2012
The TK45 is amazing. I have been searching for a super bright light that has a wide flood pattern. Most really bright lights have a fairly narrow searchlight-style spot beam. On the other hand, most lights with a really good flood pattern do not have much reach for lighting up objects in the distance. This light does it all. It produces a HUGE flood of light, but also has very decent reach. Walking down a country lane it lights up all of the road, the overhanging trees, and the brush along the side of the road. If you want a light that turns night into day, this is it! The color of the light is great as well--a very neutral white; not too blue. The flashlight also looks really cool--like something out of a science fiction movie. Oh wait, it WAS in a science fiction movie--Prometheus! The producers did not need to use special effects for this one. The flashlight is exactly what we would expect to find in the late 21st century--but it\'s available now! In short, the TK45 is by far the best flashlight I have ever used.

5 Stars

Hurricane Sandy
November 13, 2012
The TK45 was a godsend during Hurricane Sandy and its aftermath. I was without power for well over a week and thanks to the wonderful design of the light I was never in the dark. The two lowest levels were great for just a night light and providing enough light by which to be able to tune a radio and read. The two highest levels would just light up the room as if there were no outage at all! The wide flat base made for great tail standing stability. (I\'ll never buy another light that can\'t tail stand. I have a Maelstrom S12 that was only marginally useful because it can\'t.) I fed it with Energizer L91s and the third set I put in there is still chugging away. The TK45 is the best emergency light I have ever owned, and I\'ve owned a LOT of lights!

torchlight shopper
5 Stars

TK45, March 3, 2011
March 3, 2011
got mine bout a month ago. WOW!!! Awsome light. That it runs on aa batts is great cause if stuff hits the fan aa\'s r easy to find and u can stuff a ton of them into ur pockets. The light itself is very powerfull. From close to medium range it floods realy well and it aslo throws a nice spot pretty far out. U get all this from a medium size lite. Im telling u it fits well in hand or on a belt. I recomend getting maxpedition\'s universal flashlight/botnm sheath.

5 Stars

August 3, 2010
Bought this one as more a \'novelty\' light but was pleasantly surprised. I expected a light pattern that one might assume as putting three small lamps together. This was not the case as the three beams collimated very well. I cannot detect artifact due to the three separate lamp assemblies- Fenix did great in this regard! The light is VERY bright and well made. The description says \"comparable to a car headlight\" but I would say this light is more intense than a standard headlight. The buttons are easy once you have a little practice and there is a memory function built in. The unit comes with extra O rings, lanyard and fitted plastic case. I would agree with the suggested uses of this light as well as for certain SAR and L.E/Security usage as well. Having said this, the buttons are clicky type, there is no pressure release mode as far as I can tell. I purchased the Titanium Smart Fast 8 bay NiMH charger and Sanyo 2700mAh cells. I will try the Titanium 2700\'s when they come out but the Sanyos are doing fine for now. If you\'re looking for an unusual light that is actually very practical, try this one out!

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