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Fenix TK70 LED Flashlight - CREE XM-L LED - 2200 Lumen - Uses 4x D Ni-MH Batteries

Fenix TK70 LED Flashlight - CREE XM-L LED - 2200 Lumen - Uses 4x D Ni-MH Batteries
Fenix TK70 LED Flashlight - CREE XM-L LED - 2200 Lumen - Uses 4x D Ni-MH BatteriesFenix TK70 LED Flashlight - CREE XM-L LED - 2200 Lumen - Uses 4x D Ni-MH BatteriesFenix TK70 LED Flashlight - CREE XM-L LED - 2200 Lumen - Uses 4x D Ni-MH Batteries
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The Fenix TK70 is a versatile and intensely bright search light designed with precision engineering. Featuring a long tube which houses four D batteries in order, a focused reflector, and a top-of-the-line LED at its center, this light is for professional search and rescue personnel. We know what the demands are for those tough tasks that first-responders undergo. Choose this incredible search light to finish the mission.

Extended Run Time

Stays On For Days

While this light can produce an output of a jaw-dropping 2,200 lumens on Turbo mode, the 20 lumen Low mode can remain on for seven days. That is an entire week! Left it on Low in the car and forgot about it overnight? Well that is perfectly fine because its excellent run time will keep it going for another six days without a problem. Hear something digging in the woods, maybe a raccoon in the garbage? Shine the TK70 as far as 2,362 feet (720m). That is almost eight football fields! Imagine the possibilities...

Designed To Do The Job

The Right Tool

Choose the right tool for the job with this TK70. You won't find any other light as durable and tough that can throw as much output as this big guy which even looks like a serious search light. Constructed from durable materials such as anodized aluminum, a high quality reflector, ultra clear, anti reflective glass, and over discharge protectio and digitally regulated circuits, this light is one professional grade piece of gear for professional people.

Technical Parameters:
ANSI/FSC General Mode Flashing Mode
  Turbo High Mid Low Strobe SOS
Output 2200 Lumens 930 Lumens 300 Lumens 20 Lumens 2200 Lumens 930 Lumens
Runtime 1h 50min 4h 30min 15h 168h - -
Throw 2,362 Feet (720m)
Intensity 130500cd
Impact Resistance Impact Resistant to 3.3 Feet (1m)
Water Resistance IPX-8 Waterproof to 6.6 Feet (2m)
Accessory Lanyard, shoulder strap and spare o-ring

Features and Benefits:
  • LED: Cree XM-L, Rated for a lifespan of 50000 hours!
  • Uses 4 x Ni-MH D (Batteries not included)
    NOTE: Ni-MH Batteries recommended. Flashlight will operate with 4 x alkaline D cells but some modes will not work!
  • Dimensions and Weight:
    • Length: 15.94" (405mm)
    • Head Diameter: 4.17"
    • Body Diameter: 1.57" (40mm)
    • Weight: 27.13 oz (769g) (Without Batteries)
  • Digitally Regulated Output - Maintains Constant Brightness
  • Reverse polarity protection - Protects against improper battery installation
  • Built in Over-Discharge Protection Circuit Protects Your Batteries
  • Fast and Easy Dual Switch System
  • Constructed from Durable Aircraft Grade Aluminum
  • Premium Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish
  • Toughened ultra-clear glass lens with anti-reflective coating

Notice: The above-mentioned parameters (tested by four high-quality D Ni-MH batteries with a measured capacity of 9000mAh in Lab) are approximate and may vary between flashlights, batteries and environments.

Operation Instruction
  • The right button is a power switch. Press it once to turn on/off the light. The left button is a mode switch;
  • When turn on the light, it will enter into the general mode. A fast double press on the power switch can select between the general mode and the flashing mode.
  • In the general mode, a single press on the mode switch can select the brightness level in the order of Turbo→Low→Mid→High→Cycle.
  • In the flashing mode, a single press on the mode switch can select between different flashing functions in the order of Strobe→SOS→Cycle.
  • The circuit can memorize any brightness level in the two modes. When turn on the light again or transfer into the mode, it will enter into the previous brightness level directly.

Battery Specifications:
Type Dimensions Nominal voltage Usability
Ni-MH battery D 1.2V Recommended
Alkaline battery D 1.5V Usable
Non-rechargeable Battery (Lithium) D 1.5V Usable
Rechargeable Battery (Lithium) 32650 3.7V Banned X

Warning TK70 is a high-intensity lighting device and capable of causing eye damage. Avoid shining the light directly into the eyes.
Fenix TK70 LED Flashlight - CREE XM-L LED - 2200 Lumen - Uses 4x D Ni-MH Batteries
5 Stars based on 3 Review(s)
Eric S
5 Stars

Insane thrower
January 15, 2012
Don\'t think that since it uses 3 leds its more made for flood than for throw. It has a nice flood, that\'s true, but with a nice powerful beam at the center. I haven\'t seen it yet going over 600 meters. Mainly because of the poor air quality, always a little foggy. It does only a giant light wall at distance. But i\'m sure with perfect conditions, it can reach 800 meters. The 4 modes : even the lowest is quite good and throws over 50 meters. Medium with 300 lumens is already powerful and goes over 150 meters. 930 lumens are just incredible and is largely sufficient for up to 400 meters. About the power consumption. Absolutely gorgeous. With 4D cells, it pulls easily 9 Amps. Had even tried with 3D cells in turbo mode. More than 12 Amps are going through and once the voltage goes under 3.3 volts, then it goes down to high. This is around 1.1V per cell. If you use excellent quality batteries, then it can handle it. For example, my test was done with 3D Duracell cells of only 2300mAh (AA cells in D package...) it ran on turbo mode for about 90 seconds before stepping down. Impressive performance for such small cells. So with 4 cells, no worries about it since each cell has to go under 0.9V for stopping the turbo mode. Cells at 0.9V are empty or are bad quality they can\'t handle the current. One thing to do. Make sure the contacts are really clean. Those on the batteries and the aluminium ones of the tubing needs to be completely clean for top performance.

charles Thacker
5 Stars

December 23, 2011
I got this as a present and all i can say is that it is the brightest hand held light i have ever seen. All 4 modes work great if you use Tenergy 10,000 MaH batteries. If you go cheap and use alkaline you will hate it. You will only be able to use the first three modes. You will be able to turn on the turbo mode but it will click back to high after about 3 seconds. This thing with the correct batteries to push it is more light than most will ever need.

5 Stars

Very short review
July 25, 2011

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