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GLO-TOOB Lithium - Series

GLO-TOOB Lithium - Series
This is the ultimate, compact, waterproof, reusable MULTI-MODE lithium light source.

Operating for approximately 24 hours in a permanently on condition with a recharge battery and approximately 40 hours with a non-recharge battery, the GLO-TOOB™ LITHIUM is perfectly suited for any dark environment, whether it be camping trips or military use. With its inexpensive, replaceable battery and high impact resistant design, the long lasting LED (Light Emitting Diode) light source is viewable from 360 degrees.

The compact lightweight GLO-TOOB™ LITHIUM is easy to attach to your equipment by means of its stainless steel split ring or detachable lanyard. The GLO-TOOB™ LITHIUM with its 11 MODES and waterproof capabilities can be used in almost any application.