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COMBO: iPower FC-9VX44 Charger + 4x iPower Li-Poly 9V 500mAh Batteries

COMBO: iPower FC-9V4LN charger + 4 x iPower Li-Poly 9V 500mAh Batteries
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Sale Price:$99.95
iPower Combo Kit- iPower Li-Ion Smart Battery Charger, iPower 9V 500mAh Li-Poly Batteries

iPower Smart Charger
The iPower Charger is a Dual Mode (Li-Polymer & NiMH) fast, smart charger with a universal AC adapter and car charging cord. It charges the new iPower 9V Lithium Polymer rechargeable batteries, in addition to all 9V NiMH, NiCD rechargeable batteries.
  • 4 independent charging channels
  • Negative delta V and zero delta V program control
  • Auto protect with voltage and timer control
  • Auto detection and charging 7.2V / 8.4V / 9.6V battery
  • Super fast charge NiMh & NiCD 9V battery in 2 hours
  • Individual LED for each charging channel - denotes charge status
  • Comes complete with a car kit for operating your IP-FC904U 9V battery charger from your car lighter plug
  • Battery Charger Dimensions: 2.75" W x 3.75" L x 1.04" D
  • Includes AC Power Adapter for 100~240V AC 50/60 Hz use and the 12V car power cord
  • Intelligent charger
  • RoHS Compliant
Rechargeable Lithium 9V Batteries 500mAh
Actual capacity is close to that of a standard 9V Alkaline Battery (540mAh). The new smaller size fits just about any device and it will actually out perform a standard 9V alkaline battery in high drain applications.
  • More capacity than any other 9V rechargeable batteries available
  • Provides longer lasting power than most 9V rechargeable batteries
  • Fast charge capable and charges with the iPower 4 Cell 9V Multi-Charger
  • Can be used as an exact replacement for standard 9V batteries in most equipment
  • Can be recharged hundreds of times, and the Lithium Polymer 9V Rechargeable battery has no memory effect
  • Special design with Li-Polymer cell, capacity up to 500mAh
  • Lithium-Polymer material, working voltage 8.4V~6.5V
  • Standard output current 1~80mA, Hi-rate continue output 500mA/hour, Max. transient current up to 2500mA/sec
  • Nominal Voltage(V): 8.4V, Discharge Cut-off Voltage: 6.4V
  • Built-in Protection IC to control over-current discharge and under-voltage discharge
  • Dimensions: 48 mm x 25.5 mm x 17 mm

More Information:

The Combo iPower charger 9V multi charger is able to charge a variety of batteries. The smart charger includes 4 channels for independent charging of multiple 9V batteries. A unique auto protect system prevents over charging for safer operation. Individual LED indicator lights show the status of each charging channel. An AC adapter and car adapter are included.

The charger comes with 4 rechargeable 9V batteries. They batteries hold more capacity than other 9V batteries and have a longer storage life than older models. For use in any devices that operates on a standard 9V battery.

COMBO: iPower FC-9V4LN charger + 4 x iPower Li-Poly 9V 500mAh Batteries
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Bob J
5 Stars

Wireless Mics
June 6, 2011
Excellent for Wireless Microphones!!

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