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Ipower 9V 500mAh Protected Lithium Ion (Li-ion) Snap Connector Battery - Bulk (IP-500 mAh 9 Volt Lithium Polym)

Ipower 9V 500mAh Protected Lithium Ion (Li-ion) Snap Connector Battery - Bulk (IP-500 mAh 9 Volt Lithium Polym)
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Ipower 9V 500mAh Protected Lithium Ion (Li-ion) Snap Connector Battery - Bulk (IP-500 mAh 9 Volt Lithium Polym)
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Rechargeable Lithium 9V battery 500mAh

Actual Capacity is close to that of a standard 9V Alkaline Battery (540mAh). The new smaller size fits just about any device and it will actually out perform a standard 9 volt alkaline battery in High Drain Applications.
  • Chargeable in the NEW iPowerUS Charger ONLY.
  • More capacity than any other 9V Rechargeable Batteries available.
  • This 9V rechargeable battery will operate equipment much longer than other rechargeable batteries.
  • Great for wireless microphones, and other equipment that use 9V batteries etc...
  • Fast charge capable and charges with the iPOWER 4 Cell 9V Multi-Charger
  • Can be used as a exact replacement for standard 9 Volt batteries in most equipment
  • Can be recharged hundreds of times, and the Lithium Polymer 9V Rechargeable battery has no memory effect.
  • Special design with Li-Polymer cell, capacity up to 500mAh
  • Lithium-Polymer material, Working voltage 8.4V~6.5V,
  • Standard output current 1~80mA, Hi-rate continue output 500mA/hour, Max. transient current up to 2500mA/sec.
  • Nominal Voltage(V): 8.4V, Discharge Cut-off Voltage: 6.4V
  • Built-in Protection IC to control over-current discharge and under-voltage discharge.
  • Dimensions: 48 mm x 25.5 mm x 17 mm
  • iPowerUS Model IP500 IP9V500
Revision Ver.03 (Feb. 2008) Note
Nominal capacity (Discharging Current 50mA, 0.1C) 500mAH  
Min. capacity (Discharging Current 50mA, 0.1C) 450mAH  
Nominal voltage 8.4V~6.5V (+0.0V/-0.2V) Std. 9V~6V
Discharge End Voltage 6.5V (+0.2V/-0.4V) By different rate
Charging Model (With iPowerUS DC-9V Fast Smart Charger) CC & CV  
Charging Current (With iPowerUS DC-9VFast Smart Charger) 150mA~500mA  
Charging Voltage 8.4 ± 0.05V  
Nominal Discharging Current Up to 500mA (1C)  
High Rate Discharging Current Up to 750mA  
Max. Discharging Current Up to 1500mA, 5 sec. May be short life
Over Current Protect 1.50~2.0A  
Over Voltage Protect 8.50V ± 0.05V  
Low Voltage Protect 6.5V (+0.2V/-0.4V)  
Internal Resistance ≤ 450mΩ  
Storage Temperature (centigrade degree) 0~40 degree  
Std. Charge Temperature (centigrade degree) 0~40 degree  
Std. Discharge Temperature (centigrade degree) -10~45 degree  
Low Temperature Discharge (-20~-10 centigrade degree) >65% (>325mAh)  
Std. Charge / Discharge Cycle Life (100 times / 3 month) >65% (>325mAh)  
Size 47.5mm 25.5mm 16.4mm  
Weight 27.5g ± 0.5g  
3 months limited warranty for DC9V-500mAh Li-Polymer Battery
High Rate Charge & Discharging (over 750mAh) and High Temperature (over 45 centigrade degree) should be losing cycle life.
Li-Polymer physical reaction & chemical reaction limit value:
Li-Polymer damage test (without Protection): electro-chemistry reaction (after fully charge) maximum of greatest output current 4~5CmA (2000~2500mA), and maximum of greatest output Voltage 8.4V~5.6V.
Battery Size:9V
Battery Capacity:500mAh
Battery Chemistry:Li-Poly
Battery Voltage:9
Battery Terminal Type:Snap Connector
Battery Shelf Life:10 Years
Warranty:Battery Junction 30-Day Warranty
Return Policy:Battery Junction Return Policy
MPN:IP-500 mAh 9 Volt Lithium Polym
Country of Origin:CN
Associated Battery Sizes:1604A, 1604D, 1604LC, 6AM6, 6F22, 6LR61, 6LR61XWA, 9V, A1604, AL-9V, E522, EN22, K9V, LA522, MN1604, PC1604, PP3, U9VL
Ipower 9V 500mAh Protected Lithium Ion (Li-ion) Snap Connector Battery - Bulk (IP-500 mAh 9 Volt Lithium Polym)
4.5 Stars based on 5 Review(s)
Sonora, CA
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Lasted 4 years - with weekly use
September 23, 2016
We purchased these batteries for microphones in our church. They were used each week, usually twice, for a minimum of 3 1/2 hours; Left on the charger station when we were not using them. We are very happy with how they held up. I'm needing to replace most of them now, 4 years later.
work perfectly in our microphones hold their charge well lasted 4 years
expensive up-front cost

Columbus, OH
2 Stars

Decent rechargeable battery BUT short lifespan
September 27, 2015
They work well in our wireless mic for a while but they only seem to last for about 8 to 10 months then it's another $16 for another battery.
Provides fairly constant voltage during longer use periods (3 to 5 hours in a wireless microphone).
Battery stops recharging after 8 to 10 months of weekly charging.

5 Stars

One Great Battery!
July 30, 2010
I\'m a lead singer in a band and the 9 volt rechargeables I was using in my wireless mic would last about 3 hours before I needed to change them. I found this battery online, read some of the reviews and thought I\'d give it a try. When I received the battery, I made sure it was fully charged then put it in my wireless mic and turned it on. Ten hours later it was still on!! Wow! Everyone in my band uses the I-Power 520mah batteries now. If you need a battery that will last, it will definitely do the job!

5 Stars

iPower 9v
April 21, 2010
We use these in Lectrosonic wireless mics in a TV studio. The mics are used about 3 hours and then we recharge with the iPower Fast Smart charger, so the batteries see a minimum of 2 cycles per day, EVERY day. We start to see problems after 8 weeks of this type of use. That\'s over 100 charge cycles. Even though these batteries cost significantly more than alkalines, we are saving literally thousands of dollars per year.

5 Stars

LI Reghargeables
May 6, 2009
I\'ve had these in use now since 11/08 and it\'s 5/09 now. I\'ve recharged them weekly and has saved me a ton of money and trips to the store to buy duracells or energizers. I use them for my wireless band equipment and it\'s not unusual to forget to turn off after each use. Kills the standard batteries but with these, recharge and you\'re good to go. I\'ve had them working for a straight 4 hours for gigs and there\'s still juice left. Not a lot but more than enough to do any gig. They recharge fast too. Like one hour and they\'re done. Not like my 1.5v that take a full 24. You will need to get the charging unit too but, at least I won\'t have had to buy standard 9v for at least a year. They\'re on the expensive side but, you\'ll pay now or pay later with a basket full of throw away\'s.


Ipower 9V 500mAh Protected Lithium Ion (Li-ion) Snap Connector Battery - Bulk (IP-500 mAh 9 Volt Lithium Polym)

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This item is Discontinued
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