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Klarus RS20 Rechargeable Dual Purpose LED Flashlight - 1050 Lumens - Uses 1 x 18650

Klarus RS20 Rechargeable Dual Purpose LED Flashlight - 1050 Lumens - Uses 1 x 18650
Klarus RS20 Rechargeable Dual Purpose LED Flashlight - 1050 Lumens - Uses 1 x 18650Klarus RS20 Rechargeable Dual Purpose LED Flashlight - 1050 Lumens - Uses 1 x 18650
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Dual Purpose LED's

The Klarus RS20 features a unique layout that offers both an ultra-bright primary LED and a built-in diffused LED mounted to the side of the light. The two lighting systems offer the best in long-distance outdoor lighting and even close-range illumination. Powered by two separate switches, the RS20's LED's can be accessed rapidly and independently from each other. The primary LED is fitted with a smooth reflector and generates up to 1050 lumens in its highest mode. The side-mounted LED is constructed around a purpose-made diffuser and produces 220 lumens of smooth lighting.

Colorful Versatility:

The RS20's unique design can be altered at your convenience for the ideal set-up. The White side-mounted LED (Included) can be swapped out with optional red, green, or blue LED's (Coming Soon), each with their own tailor-made diffusers and unique lighting properties sought out by hunters, hikers, and law enforcement. The side-mounted accessories can be replaced with the use of a small Torx screwdriver (Included with diffuser).

Advanced Charging System

The RS20 utilizes Klarus-s remarkable magnetic charging system for the most efficient experience possible. The magnetic connection automatically aligns to the charging port at the tail of the light. The other end of the charging cord fits and standard USB outlet.

  • Two-in-One Primary LED and secondary diffuser light for both long-distance and close-quarters area illumination
  • Primary LED situated in deep smooth reflector throws beam to a maximum distance of 316 meters
  • Coming Soon: Diffused flood side LED, can be used as a lantern/area light, with interchangeable optional White, Red, Green, or Blue light output LED
  • Seven total selectable modes, and three flash modes, controlled by two separate switches
  • Specially designed magnetic connection USB charging cable, charging cable can be removed quickly and safely at any time, which makes it an effective flashlight to use in rapid response situations
  • Magnetic connection has built in short circuit protection which makes it more safer
  • New ergonomically designed to be easy to operate with one hand. The switches are very easy to locate in the dark
  • Custom Klarus 2600mAh 3.7V rechargeable Li-ion battery, uses Samsung cell, with unique contact design, without positive and negative poles
  • Uses standard USB port for charging, you can recharge in the home, office, airport, vehicle, etc. Basically, anywhere that has a USB charging port available
  • Crenelated Stainless Steel bezel ring protects the core components from damage
  • User memory function
  • Waterproof to IPX-8 Standard (underwater to 2 meters)
  • Included accessories: tailored 18650 battery, USB cable, holster, lanyard, and spare O-rings
  • LED:
    • Primary: CREE XM-L2-U2
    • Side-Mount: CREE XP-G2 R5
  • Output/Runtime:
    • Primary LED:
    • High: 1050 Lumens/2.5 Hours
    • Medium: 330 Lumens/5.1 Hours
    • Low: 10 Lumens/154 Hours
    • Moonlight: 1 Lumen/1646 Hours
  • Side-mount LED:
    • High: 220 Lumens/2.9 Hours
    • Medium: 80 Lumens/7.8 Hours
    • Low: 10 Lumens/75 Hours
  • Peak Beam Intensity (cd): 25157
  • Mac Beam Distance: 316 Meters
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 6.9" (176 mm)
    • Head Diameter: 1.78" (45.3 mm)
    • Body Diameter: 1" (25.4mm)
  • Weight: 6.7 oz (190g) (excluding batteries)
Klarus RS20 Rechargeable Dual Purpose LED Flashlight - 1050 Lumens - Uses 1 x 18650
4.5 Stars based on 2 Review(s)
Brian A
San Francisco Bay Area
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Awesome flashlight, but...
November 19, 2014
The Klarus RS20 is an awesome flashlight. Although it lacks the versatility of some of the Nitecore products (the SRT6 for example) with the Smart Selector Ring (that enables for an infinite variation in light output), the switches make intuitive sense and the side-mounted LED is very useful to illuminate an entire room. The magnetic charging system is amazing. But the belt holster is a joke--it's too small (you need to pull the head of the flashlight through it to the point of ripping in order to secure it) and doesn't afford any protection to the flashlight.
Build quality Charging system Charging the battery (Klarus only) in place
Belt holster is poorly designed

Central Florida
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Magnetic charger alone a deal MAKER!
September 3, 2014
The magnetic charge cable is the best charger on anything I own. No broken sockets, plugs, cables if pulled hard just pops off but holds strong otherwise must be a super magnet in there. When not in the use the charging plug can be stuck to frig or wherever, doesn't make electrical contact unless it's on the light's charging socket(also has a green and red led charging indicator where the charger plugs in). The side light I though might be a gimmick but I have used it as much as the front light. I spent 4 hours putting in a water heater in an unlit tiny utility room and used the side light the whole time. It was ideal because I didn't have to constantly aim it and I could work hands free. It is also ideal for a tent light or night light because of it's very dim moonlight brightness setting. I also used it to light the ground while walking through various yards and pointing the front light out ahead. A lot like walking in the day time as your peripheral vision can see the ground easily as it is well lit. I also like that each light is on a separate button/circuit if one fails the other should still work.
Everything about it is functional and easy to use-buttons-charger. Optional colored side lights have 4 extra screws each and tool.
The side light is easy to change on a work bench but in a car or a tent the four tiny screws may be a challenge to hang on to but each different extra colored light has 4 extra screws

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