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Klarus ST11 LED Flashlight with CREE XM-L2 LED - 900 Lumens - Uses 2 x CR123A or 1 x 18650 - Orange Peel

Klarus ST11 LED Flashlight with CREE XM-L2 LED - 900 Lumens - Uses 2 x CR123A or 1 x 18650 - Orange Peel
Klarus ST11 LED Flashlight with CREE XM-L2 LED - 900 Lumens - Uses 2 x CR123A or 1 x 18650 - Orange PeelKlarus ST11 LED Flashlight with CREE XM-L2 LED - 900 Lumens - Uses 2 x CR123A or 1 x 18650 - Orange PeelKlarus ST11 LED Flashlight with CREE XM-L2 LED - 900 Lumens - Uses 2 x CR123A or 1 x 18650 - Orange PeelKlarus ST11 LED Flashlight with CREE XM-L2 LED - 900 Lumens - Uses 2 x CR123A or 1 x 18650 - Orange PeelKlarus ST11 LED Flashlight with CREE XM-L2 LED - 900 Lumens - Uses 2 x CR123A or 1 x 18650 - Orange Peel
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Moving Forward

For many years, Klarus has been producing high quality flashlights designed for tactical and home users. Klarus hass redesigned its immensely popular XT11 platform to include a hand side switch in this ST11 LED flashlight. This light uses the same power source (one 18650 or two CR123A batteries) as the XT11, but has the user friendly side switch rather than the 2nd generation tactical mode switch. Get great power, reliability, and durability with the ST11 LED flashlight!

Exceeds Expectations

Surpasses The Rest

With the push of the tactical tail switch, get instant lumen output. Cycle through output levels utilizing the agile side switch, which ranges from 900 lumen High mode to 225 lumen Medium mode, all the way down to 15 lumen Low mode and one lumen Moonlight mode which burns for up to 700 hours. This light burns with the intensity of 7,817 candelas, and can throw a light beam as far as 177 meters (580 feet). Not impressed yet? You would be hard pressed to find a light like this anywhere else. An additional tactical strobe allows for signalling or disorienting capability which is activated by double tapping the tactical tail switch.

  • Patented tail-cap & side switch design
  • Easy access strobe can be activated any time
  • Ergonomically designed for one-handed operation
  • Tail cap allows "Candle Stand" for hands free lighting
  • Stainless steel bezel design protects lens and reflector
  • Intelligent control circuits balance brightness, run-time, and heat emission for improved performance

  • LED: 1 x XM-L2
  • Uses 1 x 18650 or 2 x CR123A (Batteries not included)
  • Output (Runtime):
    • HIGH: 900 Lumens (2.3 hr)
    • MEDIUM: 225 Lumens (6.7 hr)
    • LOW: 15 Lumens (100 hr)
    • MOONLIGHT: 1 Lumens (700 hr)
  • Peak Beam Intensity: 7,817 cd
  • Maximum Throw: 580 ft (177 m)
  • Impact Resistance: 3.28 ft (1 m)
  • Water resistance rating: IPX8
  • Reflector: Orange Peel
  • Finish: Black
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 5.55" (141 mm)
    • Tube Diameter: 0.99" (25.4 mm)
    • Head Diameter: 1.41" (36 mm)
  • Weight (Excluding Batteries): 5.15 oz (146 g)
  • MPN: ST11
NOTE: Not compatible with Klarus brand 2600 mAh 18650 battery
Runtime (Hours):-2.36.7100700
Output Modes:3+ Brightness Levels, SOS, Strobe
Compatible Batteries:1 x 18650, 2 x CR123A
Batteries Included:No
Flashlight Usage:Every Day Carry, Search Lights, Tactical
Throw Distance (Max):177m
Switch Location:Multiple
Product Certifications:ANSI, IPX-8
Warranty:Battery Junction 30-Day Warranty, 2 Year Klarus Warranty
Return Policy:Battery Junction Return Policy
Primary Material:Anodized Aluminum
Product Weight:5.15oz
Country of Origin:CN
Klarus ST11 LED Flashlight with CREE XM-L2 LED - 900 Lumens - Uses 2 x CR123A or 1 x 18650 - Orange Peel
4 Stars based on 8 Review(s)
Livonia, MI
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Another solid offering from Klarus
March 3, 2015
I've had the ST11 model by Klarus for about four months. It's more suited for use as a glovebox light, 'bug-out' bag, or home usage item. This model is on the larger-side, and doesn't lend itself well to 'pocket carry'. Light comes with a decent 'pocket-clip' for lense-down carry, along with an attached lanyard-ring. High-beam tops-out at 900 lumens, and is very bright! I found the access to all controls easy, and straightforward.
Hefty, solid feeling torch. Definitely worth the money.

Clifford Branklin
Lansing Mi
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Flash light
December 2, 2014
Yes I like it. Shines bright

4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

November 27, 2014
I've had this light for about a year and have gotten excellent performance from it. Working on an ambulance crew I needed a light that was bright enought to read house numbers from the street and dim enough to check patients pupils. I wish the side switch went straight to strobe like my Olight because when you need the strobe you need it immediately not two switches and three clicks later. I also wish the side switch was easier to locate by feel. I would definitely recommend this light.

john b
Northern Michigan
1 Stars

Design Flaw
October 23, 2014
This light is solidly crafted and extremely bright. However the side switch is soldered at a 90 degree angle to the mode circuit board . Its not battery junctions fault or that of the shipper as my light arrived in the box with a broken mode switch. Upon inspection I found that the switch itself was holding on by one of four solder joints three of which had failed. It is mounted in such a way that any excessive pressure can shear the switch from the board tearing away the connections as there is nothing beneath the switch to support it and prevent this from happening. Klarus needs to update their design. I'm keeping the light as for the most part I only need it for its brightest setting. Battery junction was extremely professional and helpful and offered an exchange, but since I am on the road most of the time I just don't have the time to do it.
Extremely bright. solidly crafted. excellent thick mineral glass lense.
Very weak mode switch.

Utica, Michigan
3 Stars

Decent performane
September 19, 2014
Overall no performance problems but there are chips in the orange peel reflector near the lens. Brand new light shouldn't have that.

Cale Rolland
4 Stars

Bright flashlight!
September 30, 2013
This is one of the brightest flashlights I\'ve seen yet. It\'s best use would be for everyday home use. It\'s not the easiest flashlight to use but one of the brightest. I would recommend this flashlight.

4 Stars

Very bright, and effective light
July 25, 2013
This is an absolutely fantastic light, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for an ultra-bright, moderately small light. It appears very well built - at least the outside construction - and durable. To get the minor things out of the way first: I\'m not super fond of the tail switch operation. It is a heavy click and has to be pressed a long way in for it to stay on. Also, I find the button on the side of the light to be hard to find. Neither a big deal, but still UX inconveniences. There is certainly a ton on the good side. First, is, simply put: bright, bright. This light is blinding and the beam has an excellent throw. The brightest part of the beam is slightly larger (creates a larger circle) then some other brands (such as the Olight M20), but there is so much more quantity of light, that I like it that way. It gives me more of a picture when I turn it on. The strobe setting - which is accessed by double tapping the side button - alternates between super fast strobing and fast strobing. When it\'s super fast, it\'s almost like the the light doesn\'t turn off complete, but instead just varies the output. When it\'s fast it seems like it does shut the light off completely during the off part of the strobe. I feel this is a brilliant, and excellent feature, and I believe I would recommend this light based off of that feature alone. I was very impressed. When the light is on, the side button can be depressed briefly to turn the light onto Standby mode (turning the light off). When the button is depressed for < 1 second (roughly), the light returns to Standby. When pressed for > 1 second, the light will remain on. While it takes a little getting used to, I think this is a great feature that mimics the tail switch\'s momentary on, allowing one to turn it on ever so briefly to scan an area before turning the light back off. The candlelight setting is absolutely fantastic. It like an ultra low setting as the light has High, Medium, and Low, and then Ultra Low. It is probably a second single reason for buying the light. It is perfect for casual times when one doesn\'t need much light. I find myself using this setting quite a bit. One other thing I really like is that it defaults to high (like after swapping batteries). Typically when I want to turn it on quickly, I desire the high setting to be used and don\'t want to find another button to get it there. I make a habit of running the light for at least 3 seconds on High after having it on a lower setting, and before turning it off because otherwise it will remember the last setting that was run on for more than 3 seconds. While it doesn\'t have a cigar ring, there are enough groves to keep it from rolling a long way. It does not include a holster, but I find that isn\'t a big deal for me as I just use the belt clip. It does includes a lanyard. The bezel does get reasonably warm, but overall it seems to handle the heat buildup well. I like how the head screws onto the battery part of the light as the connection seems solid and it glides on very nicely. The light does go through batteries, so be sure to have a few extras around, and I personally would recommend rechargeables for that reason.

Bryan Love
5 Stars

Awesome light!
May 9, 2013
First thing is wow!! This thing is extremely bright... Klarus did a very good job on the quality of the light, it feels very solid and well built. The UI is a little new to me being it goes from high, medium,low,moonlight. The standby mode is also very cool,being able to use the side switch to be able to turn on and off. The memory function is nice, leave it on a mode for 3 seconds and turn it off and turn it back on, it will remember the last setting on. It\'s got a great mixture of flood and throw,with a pretty good sized hotspot. The strobe is also very easy to get to,if the light is on,or in standby mode..just quickly click the side switch 2 times and you\'ve got yourself a 900 lumen blinding blinking headache....I totally recommend this light to everyone.. I am very pleased with my first Klarus and will continue to purchase there products.. Buy it!!!

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