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Lumapower GT upgrade for Incendio V3 (XP-G R5)- Grey

Lumapower GT upgrade for Incendio V3 (XP-G R5)- Grey
Lumapower GT upgrade for Incendio V3 (XP-G R5)- Grey Lumapower GT upgrade for Incendio V3 (XP-G R5)- Grey Lumapower GT upgrade for Incendio V3 (XP-G R5)- Grey Lumapower GT upgrade for Incendio V3 (XP-G R5)- Grey
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IncenDio GT Upgrade Kit

Upgrade your IncenDio V3+ R5 with the GT-Upgrade Kit! The kit includes all you need to customize your IncenDio V3+ R5 to fit your needs. The I-65 Extender adapts to your IncenDio light engine taking the place of the stock battery tube. Extend your runtime by using a Li-Ion 18650 battery. The I-65 is able to tail stand as well to allow for "candle" mode. The included lanyard and pocket clip are both removable so you can tailor the light to suit your needs.

This kit doesn't end there as a Turbo Force head is included as well! A 1-inch diameter smooth reflector that is larger and deeper than the stock IncenDio reflector increases throw. It can be used with or without the I-65, you can mix and match as you choose! Available in either grey or silver finish, grey finish pictured.

Kit Includes:
  • I-65 Extender for 1 x Li-Ion 18650
  • Removable Pocket Clip for I-65
  • Turbo Force Kit
  • High Quality Lanyard
  • Turbo Force Head (L x D): 1.7" x 1.35"
  • I-65 Extender (L x D): 3.75" (3.45" from end of installed engine) x 1"
Please Note: Images shown with IncenDio light engine installed. Light engine not included.
Lumapower GT upgrade for Incendio V3 (XP-G R5)- Grey
4 Stars based on 2 Review(s)
5 Stars

May 8, 2012
Any QC issues seem to have been fixed now, as the kit I got is flawless. Everything is tight and the switch operation is crisp. The Turbo head is definitely the reason to get this kit; it is excellent. The Turbo head makes the beam considerably tighter (increasing the throw). But with this kit you can build 4 distinct flashlight configurations, all potentially useful. The kit comes with a very high quality lanyard (8\" length), plus a lanyard ring, plus two switch covers (one glowie green and one black), plus extra o-rings.

3 Stars

Incendio V3+ GT Upgrade Kit
March 29, 2011
While the Incendio V3+ is a nice flashlight, the upgrade kit seems to leave some room for improvement. First, the exterior of the extension tube is very smooth, so that it feels slippery when the hand holding it is either very dry or wet. The tube could use a lot more knurling. Second, the switch that is part of the extension tube that I have is not of the same quality as the switch on the Incendio V3+ itself; the former feels mushy and vague, and not as crisp or responsive as the latter. Third, the contact points within the extension tube seem subpar. They need to be cleaned often (with something like Pure Silicone), and every part of the tube needs to be tightened quite a bit, in order for the switch on the extension tube to work properly; otherwise the switch may fail, as I have discovered numerous times. Therefore I tend to use the Incendio with the extension tube installed mostly around the house, or when I know that flashlight reliability is not critical. That is a bit of a shame because the extension tube accommodates the 18650 type of battery, which seems to drive the light engine harder than a 16340 battery. On the plus side, the turbo head installed on the Incendio converts the light into quite a decent thrower (and the rings that are projected by the smooth reflector in the turbo head on a white wall do not seem to matter that much when using the light for practical, distant lighting). In addition, while the OP reflector in the Incendio’s stock head seems to cause the light to project a slight tinge of green, the light with the turbo head puts out a pure, white light, which was a pleasant surprise. Overall, while there are several QC and design issues with the upgrade kit, I do not regret buying it. The main value of this kit for me lies in the turbo head, but the extension tube could also be useful where switch reliability is not critical and as long as the tube’s other limitations are manageable.

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