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Best Deals: Lumens Per Dollar LED Flashlights

Which Light Has The Best Lumen Per Dollar Ratio?

If you're looking for the best deals in the world of LED flashlights, look no further. We've taken the liberty of crunching the numbers for you, coming up with our list of lights with the very best lumens per dollar ratio. Unsurprisingly we found that most of these lights are already best sellers and fan favorites, owing that to their high output and relatively low cost. In the market for a hand-held searchlight? We've got em. Tactical style? EDC? You'll find those here too. These are indeed the best of the best when it comes to pure LED lighting value.

Olight X7 45 Lumens Per Dollar

Olight X7 - 45 Lumens Per Dollar

Ranking in with a tremendous 45 Lumens Per Dollar, the Olight X7 is the current reigning champion of LED value. This powerful hand-held searchlight is outfitted with three CREE XHP70 LEDs and produces a blinding 9000 Lumens of light. The considerable output of the light is controlled by an easy to use side switch interface, and the body of the X7 is small enough to fit in a large pocket or any average size travel pouch. A wide range of light levels and modes keeps the X7 viable for everyday use and even self defense - nobody wants to get blasted with a 9000 lumen strobe!

Jetbeam BC40-GT 43 Lumens Per Dollar

Jetbeam BC40-GT - 43 Lumens Per Dollar

Long range illumination at a price that can't be beat, the Jetbeam BC40-GT comes with a stunning 43 Lumens Per Dollar! Running on either four CR123A or two 18650 batteries, this light can cast a beam up to 1138 feet! Perfect for long range spotting and late night adventures, the BC40-GT finds itself at home in the hands of casual users as well as emergency response professionals. 2750 Lumen output and an ipx-8 waterproof rating makes the BC40-GT ready for action in all weather conditions. Combine that with a simple tail-switch interface and you've got one of the most reliable lights around!

Klarus G20 30 Lumens Per Dollar

Klarus G20 - 30 Lumens Per Dollar

The Klarus G20 is a heavy duty champion of an LED flashlight, using a CREE XHP70 N4 LED to cast a 3000 lumen beam. The compact body allows it to be easily carried in almost any situation, and the durable anodized aluminum craftsmanship keeps it running even in harsh conditions. But the real story here is its 30 Lumen Per Dollar value rating, one of the best pick ups we have available! Not only does the G20 offer big brightness at a low cost, it includes a powerful 26650 Li-ion rechargeable battery and it can be plugged into any USB power outlet to charge the battery inside the light.

Jetbeam BC20-GT 28 Lumens Per Dollar

Jetbeam BC20-GT - 28 Lumens Per Dollar

Slim, bright and rechargeable, the Jetbeam BC20-GT is everything flashlight users look for in a solid tactical flashlight. Boasting a terrific 1080 lumen output with tactical applications, this light has been one of our best sellers ever since it was introduced. This is in no small part due to its ultra low price point, giving it a 28 Lumen Per Dollar value! The BC20-GT is a great light for hunters, camping enthusiasts and law enforcement, and the cheap price makes it an awesome gift for your favorite flashaholic. High powered tactical LED lighting, and it's a great deal too? You can't beat that.

Jetbeam KO-01 27 Lumens Per Dollar

Jetbeam KO-01 - 27 Lumens Per Dollar

The Jetbeam KO-01 is an EDC how they were meant to be: Slim, strong and with a price that will make you want to grab two! This rechargeable every day carry packs a 180 lumen punch, outclassing most similarly sized lights. The powerful output bring the KO-01 to a 27 Lumen Per Dollar ratio, it doesn't get much better than that! With an easy to use side switch interface and multiple lighting levels to choose from, this makes a great light for any situation from simply walking the dogs to emergency use. Don't forget that the great pricing makes this light a fantastic gift, even on a budget!

Nitecore TM06S 25 Lumens Per Dollar

Nitecore TM06S - 25 Lumens Per Dollar

A true monster of a flashlight, the Nitecore TM06S really does live up to its name with 4000 lumens packed into a compact body. Ringing up at a 25 Lumen Per Dollar value, it's also one of our very best deals! Where else are you going to get four CREE XM-L2 U3 LEDs as well as heavy duty Nitecore construction? Hint: Nowhere. At maximum output this light casts a 1095 foot beat that is perfect for late night work, spotting or hunting. The small body make the TM06S the ideal choice to carry with you on longer hikes or trips, as it easily stores in small bags or pouches.

Klarus G30 25 Lumens Per Dollar

Klarus G30 - 25 Lumens Per Dollar

Power and value collide in the Klarus G30, a turbo charged hand-held spotlight with 2450 lumens of bright white LED output! This light ranks in at 25 Lumens Per Dollar, a low cost for value that has made it an all time customer favorite. The G30 utilizes a CREE MT G2 LED and a simple side switch interface that is easy for any user to make use of. An ultra compact body makes storage and travel a breeze, and various lighting levels and modes are what makes the G30 the ultimate lighting utility.

Olight SR Mini II 25 Lumens Per Dollar

Olight SR Mini II - 25 Lumens Per Dollar

It's OK to be intimidated, that's just what this light does. The Olight SR Mini II is a big mean hunk of light, blasting out an astonishing 3200 lumens from a body that measures just over five inches. While this light is heavy on power, it's light on the price and offers a 25 Lumen Per Dollar value that stomps out competing pint-sized powerhouses. This light comes standard with a holster and charging cable, and is ready for on the go action with aluminum construction and all-weather waterproofing.

Klarus RS30 24 Lumens Per Dollar

Klarus RS30 - 24 Lumens Per Dollar

The Klarus RS30 is a bit of a weird one. This uniquely styled dual headed light comes with two CREE XM-L2 U2 LEDs in separate housings, producing a grand total of 2400 lumens! Along with being rechargeable, the RS30 is one of the best when it comes to value with a 24 Lumen Per Dollar ratio. Dual switch design gives access to many lighting modes and levels, and the uncommon design is uncommonly comfortable to hold. With great statistics, customer reviews and pricing, the RS30 is even more than two lights in one.

Fenix PD40R 23 Lumens Per Dollar

Fenix PD40R - 23 Lumens Per Dollar

You wanted big value and a high quality light? Well here you go. The Fenix PD40R is one of the best lights we have to offer, it's the total package! This light is compact, has an ultra bright 3000 lumen output, it's rechargeable and comes with the battery. To top that all off, it ranks in at 23 Lumens Per Dollar - trust us, that's a big deal! The PD40 is a great multi-purpose light, too - fitting in well for either professional or casual use. A comfortable side switch interface, durable construction and the included accessories round out all of the great features.