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MAXPEDITION Bags and Packs

Maxpedition specializes in hard-use gear built rugged to military specifications. With expert knowledge in the science of hard-use nylon field gear engineering and fabrication, Maxpedition products are built for the soldier and outdoorsman alike. Maxpedition products have user-friendly designs with strict ergonomic considerations and distinctive style, with a commitment to using or developing the best materials and workmanship possible.

Maxpedition backpacks and duffel bags are your perfect travel companion. Fit all your clothes and essentials in them on your next trip, and you never have to worry about them tearing or breaking going through security, because they are built from the toughest and most durable materials. Maxpedition gear bags and briefcases will hold and protect your laptop computer from even the harshest conditions. The tactical and patrol bags are perfect for carrying your weapon or uniform. The Gearslinger, and other small models of Maxpedition backpacks, are made for hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, and other outdoor activities. Many of the smaller backpacks come with a hydration reservoir, or a special side compartment to keep your water bottle, with many other compartments for all your essentials making them perfect for any outdoor activity.
Maxpedition Noatak S-Type Gearslinger (MAXPEDITION-0484)
Maxpedition Monsoon S-Type Gearslinger (MAXPEDITION-0485)
Maxpedition VESPER Tactical Laptop Messenger Bag (MAXPEDITION-0623)
Maxpedition 3-in-1 Load-Out Duffel Bag (MAXPEDITION-0653)
Maxpedition BOMBER Load-Out Duffel (MAXPEDITION-0654)
Maxpedition GROWLER Load-Out Duffel (MAXPEDITION-0655)
Maxpedition AGENT Kit Bag - Large (MAXPEDITION-0656)
Maxpedition HANDLER Kit Bag - Small (MAXPEDITION-0657)
Maxpedition Sliver-II 38 Inch Gun Case (MAXPEDITION-1105)
Maxpedition Discreet Gun Case 42 Inch (MAXPEDITION-1106)
Maxpedition Tactical Handheld Computer Case (MAXPEDITION-1601)
Maxpedition SPATHA Laptop Case (MAXPEDITION-2259)
Maxpedition TESTUDO Laptop Case Black (MAXPEDITION-2260)
Maxpedition Gleneagle Messenger Bag (MAXPEDITION-9831)
Maxpedition Larkspur Messenger Bag (MAXPEDITION-9832)
Maxpedition Active Shooter Bag with Magazine Front - Digital Camo (MAXPEDITION-9833DFC)
Maxpedition Active Shooter Bag with PALS Front (MAXPEDITION-9834)
Maxpedition ZAFAR Internal Frame Pack (MAXPEDITION-9857)
Maxpedition XANTHA Internal Frame Pack (MAXPEDITION-9858)
Maxpedition M-1 Waistpack (MAXPEDITION-0307F)
Maxpedition M-2 Waistpack (MAXPEDITION-0308F)
Maxpedition Falcon-II Backpack (MAXPEDITION-0513ER)
Maxpedition MPB Multi-Purpose Bag (MAXPEDITION-0601F)
Maxpedition Operator Tactical Attache (MAXPEDITION-0605)
Maxpedition MPB XXL Multi Purpose Bag (MAXPEDITION-0620)
Maxpedition Kodiak S-Type Gearslinger 0468
Maxpedition 0434 Noatak Gearslinger Backpack
MAXPEDITION Falcon 2 Backpack 0513
MAXPEDITION Condor-2 Backpack 0512
MAXPEDITION Vulture 2 Backpack 0514
Maxpedition Pygmy Falcon II Backpack 0517
MAXPEDITION MPB Multi-purpose bag 0601
MAXPEDITION Neatfreak Gear Organizer 0211
MAXPEDITION Hook & Loop Universal Modular Holster 3501
MAXPEDITION 1.5" leg strap 9409
MAXPEDITION 1.5" shoulder pad 9407
MAXPEDITION 2" shoulder pad 9408
Maxpedition Three Mag Holder ( Hook & Loop Modular 3-Clip Holder ) 3502
Maxpedition 0233 ROLLYPOLY EXTREME Black, Green, or Khaki
Maxpedition 0422 Lunada Gearslinger Black, Green, Khaki, or Digital Foliage Camo
Maxpedition 0608 DOPPELDUFFEL Adventure Bag Black, OD-Green, or Khaki
Maxpedition 0230 ROLLYPOLY BACKPACK Black, Green, Khaki, or Digital Foliage Camo
Maxpedition 0423 Malaga Gearslinger Black, Green, Khaki, or Digital Foliage Camo
Maxpedition Knife Collector's Briefcase 9812
Maxpedition Proteus Versipack 0402
Maxpedition Methuselah Gear Bag (Large) 0618
Maxpedition Methuselah Gear Bag (Medium) 0617
Maxpedition Aggressor Tactical Attache Bag 0612
Maxpedition Centurion Patrol Bag 0615
Maxpedition FliegerDuffel Adventure Bag 0613
Maxpedition SOVEREIGN Load-Out Duffel Bag (Large) 0652
Maxpedition IMPERIAL™ Load-Out Duffel Bag (Medium) 0651
Maxpedition BARON™ Load-Out Duffel Bag (Small)
Maxpedition SITKA™ GEARSLINGER™ 0431
Maxpedition 6 x 9 Inch Padded Pouch 0250
Maxpedition JEROBOAM™ Gear Bag (Small) 0616
Maxpedition 0621 Compact Range Bag- Black or Khaki
Maxpedition 0467 Sitka S-Type Gearslinger- Black, Foliage Green, OD Green, Khaki, Khaki/Foliage
Maxpedition 0529 Typhoon Backpack- Black, Foliage Green, OD Green, Khaki, or Khaki/Foliage
MAXPEDITION Operator Tactical Attache 0605
MAXPEDITION Last Resort Tactical Attaché 0604
MAXPEDITION MERLIN Folding Backpack 0454