Maxpedition Gear Retractors

Never lose another valuable piece of gear again. From the brand that redefined toughness for outdoor gear comes a rugged anchor for your most valued belongings. Maxpedition designed their tactical gear retractor to be as durable as the equipment it protects. A strong and simple steel cable can lock through any opening in your gear to attach it safely to the retractor. Once on, the device's rugged Kevlar cord can extend to its full length and retract with up to 10oz of retraction force using stainless steel coil springs and hardware. Maxpedition is proudly made in the U.S.A and makes each and every line of products to endure the harshest environments so you can be sure this gear is as tough as you are.

Color Options: Green or Black
Length Options: 48" or 36"
Attachment Options: Strap or Snap Ring