MAXPEDITION Sheaths, Pouches & Accessories

Maxpedition specializes in hard-use gear built rugged to military specifications. With expert knowledge in the science of hard-use nylon field gear engineering and fabrication, Maxpedition products are built for the soldier and outdoorsman alike. Maxpedition products have user-friendly designs with strict ergonomic considerations and distinctive style, with a commitment to using or developing the best materials and workmanship possible. Maxpedition sheaths are used to holster and secure your flashlights, knives, cell phones, and 2-way radios. The cell phone pouches protect and secure your cell phone, walkie-talkie, pager, or radio, and can be clipped onto your belt, pocket, or bag. Maxpedition pockets and pouches can be attached to your tactical vest, backpack, or belt, to hold your cell phone, a first aid kit, camera, or any necessary items you need on the battlefield, in the woods, or everyday.