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Nite Ize 1 Watt LED Upgrade II and IQ Switch Combo V2 for AA Mini Mag-Lite - NIQ2-07-1WC

Nite Ize 1 Watt LED Upgrade II and IQ Switch Combo V2 for AA Mini Mag-Lite - NIQ2-07-1WC
Nite Ize 1 Watt LED Upgrade II and IQ Switch Combo V2 for AA Mini Mag-Lite - NIQ2-07-1WC
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Item #:NITEIZE-NIQ2-07-1WC
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NiteIze 1 Watt LED Upgrade II & IQ Switch Combo

The NiteIze Upgrade II kit will give your AA Mini Mag a second lease on life. The IQ switch replaces the stock tailcap and adds a whole new interface to your Mini Mag. Instead of having to twist the light on/off, this allows you click button functionality with 5 brightness levels. The button has a built in LED that flashes to help locate your light in the dark, which is especially helpful if you drop your light outdoors.

Replace your current incandescent bulb with the 1 Watt LED and instead of its old, dull yellow glow, your flashlight beams bright white flood and focused spot light. With its long (50,000 hour) life, you'll never have to replace it again, and because LED bulbs use less power, your AA batteries will last longer. Secure the IQ Switch on the other end, and you'll instantly have 5 light mode (100%, 50%, 25% power, slow, fast strobe) and 3 power level capabilities, so you can choose the function you need for whatever task you have at hand. Equipped with a "find-in-the-dark" flashing LED to make location a snap, the IQ Switch also knows to turn itself off after 14.5 minutes of non-use. An excellent (dare we say "brilliant"?) way to improve function and battery efficiency while reducing waste.

The efficient 1 Watt LED upgrades increases the lumen output of the stock bulb while also providing superior runtimes. LED's have a long life (50,000 hours) so you won't need to worry about replacing bulbs again. Upgrading the LED is as easy as changing the bulb and swapping the reflector. Get this kit today and transform your Mini Mag into a whole new light.

Features and Specifications:
  • Features focusable 65 lumen LED Bulb
  • 6 hour run-time
  • Beam projects 60 meters
  • Save money on replacement bulbs & batteries for your AA Mini Maglite®
  • Simple installation - It's as easy as replacing the incandescent bulb in your flashlight!
  • 3 power levels, 100%, 50%, 25%, extends battery life
  • 2 emergency strobe levels - fast & slow
  • Find-in-the-dark flashing LED
  • On-demand illumination - press & release
  • Auto-off (14.5 min.) in first three modes prevents accidental drainage
  • Note: Replacing the original incandescent bulb with any Nite Ize LED Upgrade Kit or Tail Cap Switch will void the MAG Instrument® LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY covering the AA MINI MAGLITE® flashlight.
  • LEGAL DISCLAIMER: MAG-LITE® and MINI MAGLITE® are trademarks of Mag Instrument, Inc., as are the distinctive shape, style and overall appearance of the Mini-Maglite® flashlight and the circumferential inscription around the face caps of all of Mag Instrument flashlights.
Nite Ize 1 Watt LED Upgrade II and IQ Switch Combo V2 for AA Mini Mag-Lite - NIQ2-07-1WC
4 Stars based on 1 Review(s)
4 Stars

Easy to Install but there\'s a catch
February 9, 2013
The kit\'s components are very easy to install. However, it is very easy to make the mistake I did which will make you think that the LED lamp, the IQ Switch or both parts are defective. The mistake I made was to forget that in order for the lamp to light (the stock incandescent or replacement LED) the head of the Mini-Mag must be un-screwed a small amount from the screwed-down, \"off\" position. Screwed-down in the \"off\" position the Mini-Mag cannot be turned on at all. This is a good way to prevent accidental activation.The IQ Switch requires that the head to be unscrewed enough to cause the internal contacts to close before it is able to control the LED lamp\'s operation. If you leave the head in this position, the IQ Switch works perfectly.

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