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NiteIze S-Biner BigRing

NiteIze S-Biner BigRing
NiteIze S-Biner BigRing
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NiteIze S-Biner BigRing

Made of a continuous loop of sturdy stainless steel, the NiteIze BigRing is perfect for those of us with more than the average number of keys. Large and roomy, yet lightweight and easy to carry, the Nite Ize BigRing comes with 8 #.5-sized Stainless Steel S-Biners® in two colors (4 stainless, 4 black) so you can easily identify keys at a glance. Or, use one of the S-Biners to attach the BigRing to a belt loop, purse strap, or zipper pull, or to hook to a second ring. The S-Biners remove and reattach to the BigRing quickly and securely, making it easy to share keys with co-workers, valets, babysitters, or for taking a single key with you when you're out for a run or ride. For an amazing way to keep your keys organized, choose the NiteIze S-Biner BigRing.

  • 2" Stainless Steel Ring and 8 #.5 Stainless Steel S-Biner Double Gated Carabiner Key Clips (4 stainless and 4 black)
  • Combines the innovation and versatility of the S-Biner to provide unique functionality and access to your keys
  • S-Biners remove and reattach quickly and securely, making it easy to share keys
  • 2 different color S-Biners allow for easy identification of similar style keys - no more guessing
  • Dimensions: 3.3" (85mm) x 2.2" (57mm) x .5" (12mm)
  • Weight: 1.3 oz. (36g)
NiteIze S-Biner BigRing
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