NiteIze L.E.D. Combo Upgrade Kit #2 LUC2-07 014978

NiteIze L.E.D. Combo Upgrade Kit #2 LUC2-07 014978
NiteIze L.E.D. Combo Upgrade Kit #2 LUC2-07 014978
NiteIze L.E.D. Combo Upgrade Kit #2 LUC2-07 014978
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NiteIze L.E.D. Combo Upgrade Kit #2 LUC2-07 014978
NiteIze L.E.D. Combo Upgrade Kit #2 LUC2-07 014978
NiteIze L.E.D. Combo Upgrade Kit #2 LUC2-07 014978
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Our L.E.D. Combo Upgrade ll replaces the incandescent bulb of a AA Mini Maglite® with the bright white beam of L.E.D., and the two-handed on/off twist with a simple push-button tail cap switch. Your AA Mini Maglite® will not only be easier and more convenient to operate, it will have higher quality, more powerful, and more efficient illumination. The L.E.D. bulb lasts a virtual lifetime and uses less power, giving you five times the battery life. The L.E.D. Upgrade Combo ll is also fully focusable, so you can adjust its beam from wide flood light to narrow focus, according to the task at hand. It's an easy, economical, and ecologically responsible way to improve the quality and convenient functionality of your AA flashlight.
  • Extends battery life - 25 hours!
  • Shockproof
  • Brightness: 30 lumens
  • Focusable - beam projects 40 m
  • Easy to install push button on/off Tail Cap Switch included
  • Compatible with AA Mini Maglite® Flashlights
  • Simple installation - It's as easy as replacing the incandescent bulb in your flashlight!
NiteIze L.E.D. Combo Upgrade Kit #2 LUC2-07 014978
2 Stars based on 2 Review(s)
Dallas, Texas
2 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Good idea but maybe not the most ideal for everybody.
January 23, 2016
I bought two or three of these units about two years ago to upgrade various mini-mags I use. One is for work around the house. This unit works but you do lose the ability to focus the beam at a distance. Just under one full turn of the head and it comes loose or off. The bulb unit is larger or taller so this is the reason you lose the ability for 1-2 full turns of the head down onto the flashlight body. I have also noticed something strange. Put the bulb pins in one way the and the light won't turn on. Pull the bulb out, rotate it 180 degrees, plug it back in and viola, it works again! I don't remember ever having this issue when replacing OEM bulbs so I'm not sure what's different here. The switch has held up well and I like having two means of turning the light on. With both in the off position I don't have to worry about the flashlight accidentally turning on when rolling around in a soft or hard toolbox and running the batteries out. After years of use some of the heads can become loose and turn very easily even if replacing the rubber gasket. So having two power switches is a good thing in my eyes. Finally, for some reason, I've had one bulb just die. This is one of my first LEDs to die and I am surprised but at least it lasted about two years and that is better than some of the OEM bulbs that I punished and burned out in about 6 months. I would recommend this to a friend but with caution as I don't think this will fit everyone's desired uses.
Good price. Neat idea. Easy to install (unless your maglite body is corroded.)
Changes amount of head turn. Changes ability to focus beam at distances.

Durham, NC
2 Stars

Say no to combo kit
October 3, 2014
LED replacement is good for an old light. Instructions for lamp upgrade to led are poor. Push button switch is not worth getting as front must be rotated to correct spot not too loose or tight. I tried it, tossed push button.


NiteIze L.E.D. Combo Upgrade Kit #2 LUC2-07 014978

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