NovaTac Flashlights

NovaTac, Inc. is an advanced technology company focused on life safety applications for Law Enforcement, Military, Firefighting, First-responder and others working in challenging environments. With their commitment to creating portable, user-friendly lights, NovaTac, Inc. has emerged as a leading developer of EDC (Every Day Carry) flashlights. NovaTac's commitment is listening and responding to customer needs. By hearing the customer's requests of what features best suited their weapon's needs, Novatac also developed a weapon mount which allowed their flashlight to be mounted on a weapon for tactical applications. Lighting the path of innovation, NovaTac continues to develop cutting edge technology. Through it's dealers, NovaTac, Inc. has supplied over 35,000 flashlights and weapon light kits to US military forces in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom, and Operation New Dawn. Other DOD and Federal Agency customers of the NovaTac series of flashlights include the United States Border Patrol, United States Secret Service, the United States Marine Corps, and various U.S. combat forces currently serving or returning from in Iraq and Afghanistan.