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Top quality selection of bulk batteries at the best prices!

Wholesale and OEM volume buyers are welcome at BatteryJunction.com. We have quality alkaline and CR123A lithium batteries available from top manufacturers including Duracell, Panasonic and Energizer at extremely low prices. The selection of alkaline batteries includes batteries in cases of 500 batteries, boxes of 620 batteries and boxes of almost 1,200 batteries. These batteries have lengthy shelf lives and the extremely low prices are designed to be very attractive to wholesale buyers. In addition to the alkaline batteries, our selection of bulk CR123A lithium batteries is impressive. Prices on these bulk lithium batteries are also designed to be appealing to OEM volume buyers. In fact, in many cases, these lithium batteries purchased in bulk are priced more than 50 percent lower than regular retail prices. As a result of the low prices that you are paying for these batteries, you can price these batteries lower than retail for your customers and still enjoy strong profits. Of course, with more digital cameras and high-power using electronics on the market, lithium batteries are becoming more popular. Boasting the ability to last four and five times longer than alkaline batteries is definitely appealing to these consumers. Some of your customers will, of course, prefer to stick with alkaline batteries. Fortunately, the newest versions of alkaline batteries from the top manufacturers have been upgraded to provide power over longer durations of time. The shelf life for these batteries has also been improved with some having a shelf life of seven years. Regardless of the batteries that you choose, you can be assured that you are receiving high-quality products at low prices that are shipped very fast.