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Rayovac Ultra Pro Industrial D-Size Battery - 12 Pack

Rayovac Ultra Pro Alkaline D Battery- 12 Pack ALD-12
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The Rayovac Ultra Pro Alkaline D Batteries are the smart choice for your battery powered devices because they last as long as other leading brands, but cost less. The Rayovac D cell batteries are a maximum industrial batteries for commercial applications. Its alkaline chemistry provides for a longer battery life. Come in a convenient reclosable pack, and has a seven-year shelf life.
  • Battery Size: D
  • Battery Type: Alkaline
  • Application: High Drain Devices
  • Item: Industrial Battery
  • Package Quantity: 12
  • Voltage:1.5
  • Capacity: 7500 mAh
  • Part #: ALD-12 Rayovac ALD-12F

More Information:

The 12-pack of Rayovac Ultra Pro batteries is an excellent item to have for power outage preparedness. The industrial strength of the Rayovac Ultra Pro batteries makes these batteries ideal for high drain devices and long-term use. Although the alkaline D batteries are long-lasting and powerful, the D batteries are also less expensive than comparable batteries. The alkaline D batteries feature 1.5v and have a nominal power capacity of 7500mAh. With these dependable, industrial strength D batteries, you are prepared when the unforeseen occurs.

Rayovac Ultra Pro Alkaline D Battery- 12 Pack ALD-12
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