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SUNWAYMAN AP-15 Slip Resistant Headband

SUNWAYMAN AP-15 Slip Resistant Headband
SUNWAYMAN AP-15 Slip Resistant HeadbandSUNWAYMAN AP-15 Slip Resistant Headband
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Versatility in Every Fiber

Versatility is the name of the game when it comes to choosing your most trusted gear. SUNWAYMAN understands that and that's why they've come out with the AP-15 headband to fit a number of their most popular EDC and tactical flashlights.Take your favorite SUNWAYMAN flashlight, or any light with a diameter of between one inch and one half inch (14mm-26mm), and strap it to one of three nylon loops fitted to the AP15 for instant hands-free headlamp.

A quality headlamp is an indispensable piece of gear for any hiker, camper, night fisherman, or adventurer and this handy accessory allows you to convert your trusted and reugged SUNWAYMAN LED flashlight into a bright and capable tool. With one loop on the head and two on each side, you can adjust your lights position to suit your needs. Best of all, the AP15 is constructed from quality Nylon and fitted with slip-resistant and sweat-free silicone lining for the ultimate comfort and usability.

Features and SPecifications:
  • Adjustable head straps fit most head sizes
  • Quality Nylon construction
  • Slip-resistant and sweat-free silicone lining
  • Reflective fabric on rear portion of headband
  • Four loops: one at the head and two at each side
  • Fits any light with body diameters between .55 inch and one inch (14mm to 26mm)

NOTE: Light Not Included
SUNWAYMAN AP-15 Slip Resistant Headband
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