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Tenergy Multi-Current NiMH/NiCD Universal Smart Charger for 12V-16.8V CHUN-168 (01004-01)

Tenergy Multi-Current  NiMH/NiCD Universal Smart Charger for 12V-16.8V CHUN-168 (01004-01)
Item #:TENERGY-01004-01-12-16V-CHGR
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Tenergy 01004-01 Multi-Current Universal Smart Charger for 12V-16.8V CHUN-168

How many times have you been stuck carrying too many different chargers for you NiMH or NiCD battery packs? Simplify your charging needs with the Tenergy Universal Smart Charger! This charger delivers a full charge within 2 hours and has automatic voltage detection. The charger works in any country with 120-240 V AC power and comes with tons of safety features like pulse and negative pulse techonology to avoid overheating during fast charging. This charger comes with 1 standard Tamiya Connector and fuse house with smart battery charger, and 1 standard female Tamiya to alligator clips connector.

Features and Specifications:
  • Universal for all NiMH/NiCD 12-16.8V battery packs (10-14 NiMH/NiCD cell packs)
  • Fast charger with a current switch to select 0.9 or 1.8 Amp charge, charges fully in 1-2 hours
  • Charges 0.9A packs (1100 mAh-2200 mAh) in one hour, 1.8A packs (2000+ mAh) in approximately 1.5 hours
  • Automatic Voltage detection
  • Uses pulse and negative pulse technology to avoid overheating during fast charging
  • Red LED indicates charging
  • Automatically ends charging when battery is charged
  • Worldwide compatibilty with 120-240V outlets
  • Safety protection fuse for over current, short circuit, and reverse polarity protection
Accessories and Smart Charger Specifications
  • Includes 1 standard Tamiya connector, fuse house, and 1 standard Tamiya female to alligator clips connector
  • 100-240V Input
  • 12-16.8V Output
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 4.606 x 2.283 x 1.417 inches (11.7 x 5.8 x 3.6 cm)
Tenergy Multi-Current NiMH/NiCD Universal Smart Charger for 12V-16.8V CHUN-168 01004-01
Operating instructions
  • Connect battery pack to output connector and plug in AC power source
  • Ensure that battery polarity is connected correctly. (Red wire is positive.)
  • When the unit is connected to the AC power source, the red LED and green LED will flash twice, then turn off. After you connect the correct battery pack the red LED will be on to show that the pack is being charged. Upon detecting negative deltaV and the battery is fully charged, the green LED will turn on to indicate that the battery has finished charging.
  • The battery will be charged at 0.9 or 1.8 Amp constant current
Please be aware-this charger is designed for indoor use only. It should be positioned horizontally in a well ventilated area. Keep the charger away from water and on a non-flammable surface away from flammable items. Does not operate in temperatures above 104° Fahrenheit (40° Celsius). Disconnect the power supply before connecting or disconnecting the charger with a battery pack. DO NOT try to disassemble the charger.
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