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TerraLUX MiniStar31 M-EX LED Conversion Kit

TerraLUX MiniStar31M-EX LED Conversion Kit for 4-6 D Cell MagLites up to 1000 Lumens (TLE-310M-EX)
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TerraLUX TLE-310M-EX MiniStar31M-EX Conversion Kit for 4-6 D Cell Maglites

The TerraLUX TLR-310M-EX is the World's brightest upgrade for 4-6 D cell Maglites! Turn your Maglite into an amazing search light that will trump anything in its class! TerraLUX has revised their popular TLE-300 design with a new and improved upgrade. The MiniStar31 now outputs up to 1,000 lumens and has a selector switch so you can choose whether you want it to operate in single mode or multi-mode.

Single-mode has typically been the preference of police officers and tactical users that want momentary light with full brightness when they need it. The Multi-mode has traditionally been favored by outdoor users, such as campers and hikers where the lower brightness levels can greatly extend battery life while still giving off suitable levels of light. Now you can choose either mode by using the selector switch on the upgrade.

The MiniStar is easy to install; it's as easy as changing a light bulb!

This upgrade only works with incandescent Maglites and NOT LED Maglites

Features and Specifications:
  • Fits MagLite® 4-6 D-Cell flashlights (Does NOT work with C-Cell flashlights)
  • Multi-mode function: (High/Medium/Low), user configurable to single mode via a switch on the side of the module
  • Electronically regulated for constant output
  • Extended battery runtime compared to using regular bulb
  • Approximate runtimes:
    • 2 hours on High (1,000 lumens)
    • 6 hours on Medium (500 lumens)
    • 37 hours on Low (<100 lumens)
  • Save money: stop replacing bulbs
  • Includes LEDSense® thermal management for maximum light output and reliablity under the most extreme conditions
  • SKU: TLE-310M-EX

More Information:

The TerraLUX MiniStar31 M-EX LED conversion kit is one of the world’s brightest 4 to 6 D Maglite upgrades. The kit allows you to quickly turn your Maglite into a powerful search light. The MiniStar31M-EX has an output of up to 1,000 lumens and a convenient selector switch allows you to choose whether you want to operate in single-mode or multi-mode.

The MiniStar31 M-EX LED kit features an extended battery runtime compared to regular bulbs. The light will operate for approximately 2 hours on high, 6 hours on medium or 37 hours on low.

TerraLUX MiniStar31M-EX LED Conversion Kit for 4-6 D Cell MagLites up to 1000 Lumens (TLE-310M-EX)
4.5 Stars based on 9 Review(s)
Rome, Italy
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

A great LED replacement for 4-6 D Cell MagLites
March 16, 2015
Great and easy replacement.
Very easy use and great functionalities: if left in the default auto mode, at each click the torch cycles the three power levels.
Just a couple of minor issues: on my 6D I had to figure out that I had to manually pull a bit the former fitting of the lamp since it was retracted and the replacement could not reach the thread; eventually the fitting of the replacement and the fitting of the MagLite head had to be fine-tuned to have the contacts working properly.

4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Good product
March 3, 2015
Works well, good light output, saves battery life. Just make sure you follow the installation instructions.
Brighter than bulb & longer battery life.
Little pricey

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

I need one of these for each of my 4D+ Maglites
December 8, 2014
I bought one of these quite some time back, plus a few of the earlier 500 lumen & mag charger versions. Now that I see Battery Junction also sell the "Bust O Caps" and I can re-purpose many of my old 4D mags I think I will get some more in the near future.
Perfect complement to an awesome piece of vintage equipment that is often lacking in the modern lumen stakes. Sure you can get more lumens in smaller lighter (even cheaper) package now days but can you use a smaller unit to defend yourself - smash a window - use as a lever - chock a truck wheel and all the other things I use and abuse my Maglites for (other than light). Love my upgraded Maglites.
A bit pricey but at least provides a new purpose for my old Maglites. You must have the correct vintage Maglite, it needs to have a "D" at the front of the serial number. Some of the later Maglites also may not accept but all mine with the "D" in the serial number take these upgrades.

5 Stars

Lights the night!
January 1, 2013
My 4D cell from 1990 likes this so well it lights up the night with joy! And I love it.

4 Stars

It works on bi-pin Maglite
December 23, 2012
I give this 4 stars as an initial rating. I gave it to my dad for Christmas. He has a 4D Maglite with the newer bi-pin bulb. It does work, you have to unscrew the collar that holds the new bulb. To change modes I have to double-click when it\'s on. I find medium to be a too high, but overall I like it.

1 Stars

Doesn\'t Fit New Maglitesl!!!
September 24, 2012
I purchased this kit to use in my older 4 D-cell Maglite only to find out that the kit doesn\'t fit my old light. Okay fine, that light is from 1980 - the dimensions have changed slightly since then. So, I went and bought a brand new Maglite - well, the new ones have Xenon bulbs that don\'t screw in at all, but have two tiny pins that fit into two tiny holes where the socket used to be - nowhere to screw in a bulb, no way to retrofit. AAARGGH you\'ve got to be kidding me!!! BUYER BEWARE, THIS THING ONLY WORKS WITH OLD HALOGEN MAGLITES, BUT NOT TOO OLD!!! Returning this item.

5 Stars

Nice improvement
January 4, 2012
Now have three MagLite 3D flashlights. Using these bulbs; TerraLUX - MiniStar31M-EX - Very bright TLE-300M-EX TLE-6EX MiniStar5 All lights are powered by 14500 Trustfire Li 3.6volt batteries. @ 10.8 volts total. 900ma batteries. Two of the lights have (3) 2AA to D adapters - Plastic with 6 cells total.@ 1.8 amp. The 31M unit has a custom 9AA adapter, paralell config., @2.7 amp and very nice. Not cheap like the plastic adapters and I think well worth the price. Well built. I use a bulk charger on that one. Ordering another MiniStar31M-EX for a friend now. (had to have one after he saw mine :))

5 Stars

Came just for Christmas
December 24, 2011
Ordered the 18th december. Got an email as it wasn\'t in stock. Has been backordered to the 23th. Finally the 21th it has been shipped and came at home today. First impression. I saw that the packing was cut and then sellotaped where the connexion is. I guess batteryjunction done it for verifying the led upgrade was fully working. Good point. Heard about the fact that there was a possibility of lacking heat compound underneath the leds. This isn\'t the case. Works well in a maglite 6D with 2200 mAh NIMH Duracell cells. Current drive is around 2 A for high, 0.9 A for med and 0.1 A for low output. These batteries can handle it. This does a maximum consumption of around 16 watts max. For the light in itself. It\'s quite powerful. Will once compare it with the Fenix TK41 of a friend. From now I can only say the spot is larger there than on the TK41.

D Ray East
5 Stars

Finally Finally Finally
December 3, 2011
I got to see one today! I am impressed I have a 700/600 6cell D size light. I was so happy to finally get a chance to see one today. I was not sure if the difference between 600 and 1000 would even show up during the day time but it does and if it does during the day I know what will happen at night. Dang I am impressed big time.. dray I bought one does that say something. and I still have my 700 lumen one around, so I bought another maglight to go with it.

Not sure whether or not this upgrade will fit in your Maglite? Simply refer to this illustration to determine if the upgrade will fit your flashlight!
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