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Titanium Innovations IlluminaTi CA1 LED Flashlight with Cree XP-G R5 LED & Titanium Body 1xAAA 115 Lumens!

Titanium Innovations IlluminaTi CA1 LED Flashlight with Cree XP-G R5 LED & Titanium Body 1xAAA 115 Lumens!
Titanium Innovations IlluminaTi CA1 LED Flashlight with Cree XP-G R5 LED & Titanium Body 1xAAA 115 Lumens!Titanium Innovations IlluminaTi CA1 LED Flashlight with Cree XP-G R5 LED & Titanium Body 1xAAA 115 Lumens!Titanium Innovations IlluminaTi CA1 LED Flashlight with Cree XP-G R5 LED & Titanium Body 1xAAA 115 Lumens!Titanium Innovations IlluminaTi CA1 LED Flashlight with Cree XP-G R5 LED & Titanium Body 1xAAA 115 Lumens!Titanium Innovations IlluminaTi CA1 LED Flashlight with Cree XP-G R5 LED & Titanium Body 1xAAA 115 Lumens!
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il·lu·mi·na·ti· (ĭ-lū'mə-nä'tē)
Latin illûminâtÎ, from plural of illûminâtus
1. to be unusually enlightened

The Illuminati is crafted of the finest materials available into a superb, harmonized design. Machined from solid Titanium and utilizing the best LED our agents were able to obtain the Illuminati represent the pinnacle of modern illumination device design & construction.

Buy an Illuminati today and gain enlightenment.

Top Spec Materials
  • Machined Titanium Body (Grade 2), polished finish
  • Cree XP-G R5 1B LED
  • OP reflector
  • 3 Output Levels; Reliable Twist Switch
  • Output (emitter spec) / Runtime (L92):
    • 3 Lumens, 24+ hours
    • 30 Lumens, 4+ hours
    • 115 Lumens, 1+ hours
  • Power cycle is Low > Medium > High to preserve night vision.
  • Simple UI: no strobe, SOS, or memory - predictable operation!
Ergonomic design:
  • Extensively knurled for maximum grip
  • Pocket clip can be reversed for bezel up OR down per user preference (user installed)
  • Rounded ends limit 'pocket wear'
  • Can tail-stand
  • Dimensions:
    Length: 67.6mm / 2.66"
    Diameter: 13.7mm / .54"
    Weight: 14g / .49oz
  • Includes Keychain & Keyring
  • Packaged in wooden presentation gift box
  • Uses any common AAA battery (Lithium primary, NiMh, Alkaline,)
  • Includes Energizer L92 AAA battery (recommended for optimum performance)
  • LED: XP-G R5

10440 li-ion not recommended (will overdrive the light and there are no protected 10440; we do not recommend the use of unprotected batteries).
Titanium Innovations IlluminaTi CA1 LED Flashlight with Cree XP-G R5 LED & Titanium Body 1xAAA 115 Lumens!
5 Stars based on 12 Review(s)
4 Stars

Great little light
November 8, 2012
The amount of light that comes out of this stil amazes me. I have owned for over a year. Its built solid of good materials. I am stil on my first battery, I used an engergizer lithium. The only negative about the light is the crab looking clasp. It looks heavy and strong buy mine broke after 6 months of use. Its not a big deal, I simply attached it to my keychain with a key ring. The hole that recieves the ring is quite small so you have to find a small ring, they should have made this bigger.

5 Stars

Not Good for the Long Term
August 30, 2012
Got this light and out of the box it was great. Worked for about 9 months and then nothing. For $50. it was a waste of money and the last I will buy from this manufacturer.

5 Stars

I\'m smiling;-]
September 23, 2010
True car keys EDC. Polished titanium looks great and takes abuse. But the output -- triple twist to high, and you gotta smile what\'s coming out of a tiny AAA package. Only complaint -- took a lot of work to smooth out threads so could easily twist on with one hand. Am buying five more as gifts to family members. Every human should have one. -- More smoothing work!

SSgt AP Tech
5 Stars

The new EDC Standard!!!
June 30, 2010
As someone who is constantly attempting to find an EDC that meets certain requirements-mainly: 1) Is small and inconspicuous 2) easily carried and has carry options (e.g. keychain/pocket clip)that are well designed and hold securely. 3) Has a decent amount of lumens and has some sort of adjustable output level 4) Has not only decent throw, but has a beam that is well suited for close-in work 5) Runs well with common, readily available batteries I have to say that this lights meets ALL my criterion as well as exceeding my expectations for build quality and ease of use. The throw on this light is definitely well suited for close in work and the beam quality is excellent! The spill that is has is well focused and certainly more than what I was expecting from such a tiny implement! I don\'t know what people\'s preference is as far as the LED color, but, in this case, this is the 2nd R5 light I currently possess and I like the tint- It highlights my work surface/area very well. I was hoping to find an EDC that was able to take 10440\'s, as the last EDC I had with that option had phenominal output, but, it was rather clumsy as it needed to have a fairly large heatsink (for a AAA) to dissipate the heat generated by the 10440 cell. This tiny EDC has a surprising amount of output for a non-10440 cell! In closing, I can say that I am completely satisfied with this product!! The ONLY thing it needs is to touch up the threads as its a little \"gritty\" right out of the box. Besides that, this is one EDC light that does NOT disappoint! Even the neat little \"presentation case\" it is shipped in was a nice touch!! Bottom Line:If you are looking for a tiny EDC light that is VERY well made, has decent throw/spill, has a surprising amount of output and runs off regular commercial batteries you can find everywhere, look no further-this is the light for you!

5 Stars

Great AAA light
May 13, 2010
I preordered this flashlight and it has been my EDC ever since it arrived. I have a number of well known AAA flashlights but this one has a better beam and seems more useful than the others.

5 Stars

December 2, 2009
I am a AAA light collector. Of all my lights, this is now the one that stays with me at all times. Incredibly well-made, the most efficient LED on the planet, as tiny as can be, and with a great company to back it up, I am absolutely delighted. An incredible gift for others or yourself. It has my highest recommendation.

5 Stars

I\'ve been Illuminatied
December 1, 2009
Receivd my Illuminati just the other day. An excellent and diminutive light! Ideal beam profile for close work. Workmanship is superb!! I love the simple and easy to use UI. Great product!!

5 Stars

great light
December 1, 2009
its beautiful. it is exactly the light i\'ve been looking for. workmanship is damn near perfect (although the threads are a bit gritty feeling). beam is smooth, bright and levels nicely spaced apart. tint is just fine. very lightweight for a titanium light. very simple user interface, meaning its easy to operate. square checking is pretty and useful. the whole \'light is nice to hold and fondle. excellent design and construction. a KEEPER!

5 Stars

I love this light!
December 1, 2009
This is really a beautiful light, both in form and function. The levels picked are nearly perfect. The quality is excellent. As stated in a previous review, the XP-G provides a perfect beam profile for this type of light. A nice, big hotspot and great spill with no artifacts. It\'s at the top of the AAA class. I\'m very happy with mine.

5 Stars

dream light
December 1, 2009
A lot of light in a small form factor, well spaced brightness levels, great beam pattern, all in one of the most beautiful packages I have seen! Had to buy two.!

5 Stars

Best AAA light in class!
December 1, 2009
The built quality on this light is top notch. The finish is jewellery-like, the knurling provides some grip without being aggressive, the inscriptions on the light are clear and sharp and everything just sits together as it should, perfectly centered LED. The output is the best I\'ve seen so far in the 1 x AAA class with a very nice universal beam, big hotspot, very bright on high and optimal spaced llow and medium. The beam has no artefacts at all and its color can be classified as pure white on high. Great little light!!!

4 Stars

November 29, 2009
Nice quality, glass lens, very bright. It\'s a lot lighter than you would expect but feels really solid. The pocket clip could be better finished so that the rough edges don\'t scratch the body of the light. Also the threads of the twist switch feel a little \"grindy\", but they look clean so it may just be the nature of Ti against Ti, something that a little bit of quality grease could probably remedy. With no mode memory, the operation is predictable and logical, and it\'s only 3 modes to scroll through. No extra useless features like strobe. On really nice feature that is not mentioned in the descriptions is that the twist switch also can work as a momentary on push switch if you don\'t twist it off too far. That also allows you to use it in the same way you would a tactical light with a endcap switch by pushing on the end of it with your thumb and gripping the front portion with your other fingers. This is the first light that I\'ve owned that you can easily operatie both in the hand up and hand down position.

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