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Titanium Smart Fast 16 Bay Ni-MH AA/AAA Battery Charger

Titanium Smart Fast 16 Bay NiMH AA/AAA Battery Charger AC 100-240V + DC Adapters  MD-1600L
Titanium Smart Fast 16 Bay NiMH AA/AAA Battery Charger AC 100-240V + DC Adapters  MD-1600LTitanium Smart Fast 16 Bay NiMH AA/AAA Battery Charger AC 100-240V + DC Adapters  MD-1600LTitanium Smart Fast 16 Bay NiMH AA/AAA Battery Charger AC 100-240V + DC Adapters  MD-1600L
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Item #:TITANIUM-MD-1600L
Product Review:
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Titanium MD-1600L Ni-MH AA/AAA Smart Fast Battery Charger

The Titanium MD-1600L is the ultimate battery charging station. Now you can charge sixteen Ni-MH AA or AAA batteries at the same time! This elegant charger has a clean design and though it charges 16 batteries, it is still compact enough to thrown in your suitcase or bag when traveling.

Integrated USB ports help unclutter your digital life; now you can plug in your portable MP3 players, phones, iPods and iPhones into the charger's USB ports. Charge on the go using the include 12V car plug adapter... a must for any car trips or motor camping!

State of the Art Features:
  • Backlit LCD indicates charge level
  • Integrated Battery Conditioning; discharge and charges your batteries at the press of a button restoring your batteries to their optimal condition and eliminating any memory effect.
  • Micro Pulse Charging ensures the fastest, coolest and most efficient possible charge enhancing battery life.

Sixteen Independent Charge Channels

The MD-1600L is a sixteen channel charger, so each bay has a circuit dedicated to monitoring the battery it charges. The smart circuitry will detect when the battery is charged and automatically switches to a trickle charge. This intelligence keeps your batteries from getting overheated while charging, which maximizes the life of your cells. This also allows you to charge a mixture of batteries at the same time, from AAs to AAAs, all of which can have a different charge state.

LCD Charge Status Display

Have you ever used a charger that had LEDs to indicate the charge status? If so, then you know how frustrating it can be figuring out what it means when the light is solid, blinking, red, or green. The MD-1600L has easy-to-read LCD screens with indigo backlights that show you a battery icon for each cell. Each channel is represented by its own battery icon made up 4 "bars" that indicate charge percentage (25/50/75/100%).

Genius Battery Protection -beyond smart charging
  • Negative Delta V (-∆V) Voltage Charge Termination
  • Fail Safe Timer & Thermal Protection Charge Termination
  • Short Circuit & Input Voltage Detection/Protection
  • Reverse Polarity, Alkaline Battery & Defective Battery Detection/Protection

Ready to Travel
  • 100-240 50/60 Hz Autoswitching AC Power Adaptor
  • 12VDC Car Cord
  • CE & ETL certified. RoHs & FCC Compliant.
Charging Times:
Capacity Type Ni-Mh 1-16 Cells
850 mAh AAA Approximately 4.7 Hours
1000 mAh AAA Approximately 5.6 Hours
2000 mAh AA Approximately 5 Hours
2500 mAh AA Approximately 6.3 Hours
2700 mAh AA Approximately 6.8 Hours

Discharging Times:

Capacity Type Ni-Mh Current (mA) 1-8 Cells
850 mAh AAA 200 Approximately 4.25 Hours
1000 mAh AAA 200 Approximately 5 Hours
2000 mAh AA 200 Approximately 10 Hours
2500 mAh AA 200 Approximately 12.5 Hours
2700 mAh AA 200 Approximately 13.5 Hours

Click here for manufacturer's data sheet

Please Note: Picture shows batteries for demonstration purposes. Batteries not included.

More Information:

The Titanium Smart Fast 16 Bay, Ni-MH AA/AAA battery charger has the power to charge 16 Ni-MH batteries simultaneously, but the Titanium MD-1600L charger is compact enough for easy storing and packing. For additional convenience, integrated USB ports in the Titanium Smart Fast 16 bay charger can charge your MP3 players, phones and iPhones. The charger also includes a 12v car plug adapter to charge on the go.

Titanium Smart Fast 16 Bay NiMH AA/AAA Battery Charger AC 100-240V + DC Adapters MD-1600L
4.5 Stars based on 16 Review(s)
West Seneca, New York
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Titanium Innovations 16 Bay NiMH battery charger
August 22, 2015
I really like the convenience of this sixteen bay charger. The Titanium charger is a smart charger, in that it will quickly charge 16 NiMH batteries, always monitoring each cell's re-chargeability on an LCD readout. You can also discharge partially charged cells to refresh them and then re-charge them for better overall life of each cell. The charger also sports 2 USB ports for charging cell phones or i-Pods. All in all the charger is very well built, and it works from a 12 volt system, so you can re-charge your batteries on the go.
This is a solidly built charger, well worth the investment.

Lake Orion, MI
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great product
August 21, 2015
These batteries work great.

Melbourne, Australia
2 Stars

Not happy
May 7, 2015
Thought this would be the last AA charger I'd ever need and was happy to pay the higher price for a quality charger with so many bays. Discharge only works in banks of 4 and often difficult to initiate. As a charger only it worked fine for about 6 months, then things began to fail. A few sections of the LCD battery bars disappeared, shortly followed by the LED back lighting. Replaced with a Nitecore D4.
16 bays !
Poor lifespan LCD failure within 6 months Discharge cycle only in banks of 4

San Tan Valley, AZ
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

I needed a fast charger for a large number of AAs...
April 7, 2015
This product delivered on my needs. It charges a bulk load of AA cells quickly. It does everything that is promised, simple and effective. I have had this product for almost 2 years and it works every time we need to charge 16 x AAs at a time.

Wichita, KS
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great Charger
November 15, 2014
Use up to 60 receivers headsets for giving tours and needed a way to have 12-16 batteries ready to go as backup in the event we have some dead ones. This is a well-built compact way to do that. I have not used it enough to rate for long time but has done a great job so far. Already thinking about getting a second one.
Large capacity and with 16 bays, easy to read status on each individual battery.
None so far

Minneapolis MN
2 Stars

Charges too slowly for a "quick" charger
October 24, 2014
I teach high school photography and have been using Maha chargers to charge the AA batteries for cameras. I needed a larger capacity charger and the Titanium was highly rated so I bought it. Unfortunately it charges way too slow to be of much use. So far I am averaging 5 hrs per charge. My Maha chargers only take about 15 minutes. I am considering returning the charger as I need something that can quickly charge batteries between classes.
Can charge 16 batteries at a time
Charges VERY slowly

Michael E. Montgomery
Franklin, TN
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Smart Fast Charger
October 16, 2014
If you go through AA/AAA batteries a lot you should consider this 16 bay charger. It is a great value. Quick recharge times, and having the status meter is a real plus. It works great so far on the first few times I have used it. I look forward to using the DC adapter to see how quickly batteries recharge on it. My order was processed and shipped promptly. I would highly recommend the Titanium charger and Battery Junction..
Rapid charge Charge 1-16 batteries at a time DC car plug
Have not used it long enough to find any

Rick Doyle Photography
Kapolei, HI
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great Charger
September 11, 2014
16 bay battery charges individual cells a plus, readout on charge status a big plus, lets you know exactly where your batteries charge status is.

Auburn, Maine
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Gets the job done
June 24, 2014
Very happy with this, and I can't find a AA charger this big anywhere else
16 bays

4 Stars

Good charger
December 31, 2013
This is a good charger that can charge 16 AA or AAA cells simultaneously. The directions are not so good. The \"discharge\" button is not labeled. They don\'t mention that discharge is by bank of 4. They say in (C)4 that \"... and displays the battery capacity....\" Perhaps, but the capacity is display by the 4 block icon, and not by mah or other numerical indication. They are also unclear if the discharge function is limited to 8 batteries, or all 16. (I tried 16, it worked.) It does function though, so if your goal is to charge batteries (and not analyze them) it\'s a fine charger.

5 Stars

preferred charger
December 3, 2013
We have this and 10 bay charger the batteryjucntion sells. This one is better. Its battery meter function lets you check batteries to see there level of charge so you can decide which ones you can use, which ones need a few hours, and which ones need all night. We use 96 batteries at a shot and have charging space for 48 of our 300 AA batteries.

2 Stars

Better chargers on the market
May 2, 2013
This charger would be one of the best on the market if it wasn\'t for the long charge times 6 hours for 16 batteries is ok but when you can charge 16 in 2 hours with other chargers now that is great. look forward to seeing if they get the charge times down

5 Stars

February 25, 2013
got this charger along with 16aa and 16 aaa tengergy\'s with the battery combo deal battery junction had going on, awesome charger. 2 usb plugs located at the bottom to charge other usb devices, batteries come cool off the charger when fully charged. highly recommended!!!

5 Stars

Fast way to charge many batteries in a panic
November 3, 2012
Given the political situation, I realize that we could get rolling blackouts with only a few hours of electricity at a time. This means requiring a device that can recharge many batteries at once. In a storm, likewise, there is no time to be waiting for one set of batteries to charge before putting in the next, because the lights could go out before the second set is done. Along comes this fine charger. Like its big brother that can charge C, D, and 9 V batteries, this has the ability to charge full loads of batteries, each with different charge still in the battery. I appreciate that I can slam 16 batteries into the charger at a time and charge up enough AA batteries to power multiple lanterns and flashlights, along with several back-up sets of batteries in case of a longer blackout. I already got one in plenty of time for Sandy, and I am ordering another one because we could get another 1973-style oil embargo if we get another war with Iran. That would mean rolling blackouts all the time, not just for a storm, and possibly only a few hours of time to charge 40 or 50 batteries. And now I will be prepared for that.

A Fritz
5 Stars

Best Charger On The Market
August 18, 2012
You can charge or refresh AA and AAA batteries 1 to 16 batteries at a time. It has a simple LCD display and no voltage %\'s at all.Yet,my batteries have lasted longer than ever since the refresh this charger gave them. I really do not need the voltage numbers,if my batteries now exceed my expectations after a charge. The best charge on the market,excellent build quality and value. Oh,did I mention the 2 USB\'s outputs on the front.

Devon Reed
5 Stars

Awesome - just what I needed!
March 23, 2012
Awesome charger. Works great. The only other chargers that were even close in capability cost 2 times as much and didn\'t offer as many features or offer more features but only charged 1/2 the batteries. This charger offered me the perfect combination of features (love the charge indicators and refresh feature) and value. Super fast shipping too. Don\'t hesitate to buy this item from

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