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TerraLUX TLE-6EX MiniStar5 LED upgrade for 4-6 C and D Cell Maglites

TerraLUX TLE-6EX MiniStar5 LED upgrade for 4-6 C/D cell Maglites
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The MiniStar5 from TerraLux is the newest and brightest commercially available upgrade for Maglite flashlights using 4, 5 or 6 C or D cells, outputting up to 140+ lumens at the emitter. With the Maglite's excellent reflector, this upgrade results in an output and throw that exceeds almost any LED flashlight on the market today and is, of course, far brighter and more durable than the bulb it replaces.

  • INTENSE BRIGHT LIGHT output comes from the ultra efficient 3 Watt LED which is estimated to output 140+ lumens at the emitter with 4-6 cells. The LED does not fade when it gets hot, so its light output is stable even after extended run times.
  • FOCUSABILITY. The MiniStar5 preserves one of the most outstanding features of the Mag Instruments™ line of flashlights, the ability to focus. The MaxStar5 produces a focused beam that throws a bright beam a very long distance.
  • LONGER BATTERY LIFE results from the higher efficiency of the LED compared to the standard bulb. This product contain the TerraLUX LED Light Engine™, so it maintains a constant light output over the life of the batteries.
  • INDESTRUCTIBLE LED performance and lifetime operation. Unlike incandescent bulbs, LEDs do not just burn out. This is likely to be the last bulb you will ever need to buy. The rated lifetime is 50,000 hours.
  • EASY TO INSTALL the MiniStar5 just replaces your existing bulbs - no modifications necessary!

Regulated output - 20 hours of stable ouput! As rated with the previous version TLE-6K2 MaxStar5 using the Lumiled Luxeon K2 which utilized the same driver so this data is expected to remain unchange.

More Information:

Your old Maglite can be rejuvenated with the installation of a TLE-6EX Maglite LED upgrade. This Maglite LED upgrade is designed for Maglite flashlights using four, five or six C or D cell batteries. This upgrade can result in an output and throw that exceeds most of the LED flashlights in the market today. In addition to the increased output, this LED upgrade for D cell Maglites is easy to install; all you need to do is replace the existing flashlight bulb with the MiniStar5.

Not sure whether or not this upgrade will fit in your Maglite? Simply refer to this illustration to determine if the upgrade will fit your flashlight!
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