Tiny Monster with New XM-L2 Upgrade

Two of our most popular searchlights have just gotten better! Upgraded with the latest XM-L2 LED technology, you'll want to be the first to own these incredible lights. The Tiny Monster series (TM26 and TM15) from Nitecore have proven to be some of the most practical searchlights on the market. The TM26 offers 3800 lumens while maintaining the convenient size just larger than a soda can. Both of these models has a built in charging port for use with 18650 batteries and comes with an A/C adapter (D/C also available to charge in your car).

The power of these lights is unmatched for its size. Couple these amazing specs with IPX-8 water resist ratings and 1.5 meter impact resist ratings and what you're left with is a searchlight which is well worth the investment. Ideal for survival situations, power outages, search/rescue, and work site applications. These lights are so incredible, you'll have to see it to believe it.