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UST B.A.S.E. Bug Tent For One

UST B.A.S.E. Bug Tent For One
UST B.A.S.E. Bug Tent For One
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UST B.A.S.E. Bug Tent For One
UST B.A.S.E. Bug Tent For One
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Ultimate Survival Technologies brings you this nifty B.A.S.E. Bug Tent, a bug proof tent made for one, therefore disregarding the need to an entire full size tent. Not you can stay cool in the heat and sheltered from those pesky mosquitoes, gnats, and black flies while changing, preparing your gear, or taking an afternoon rest after a long hike. Flame retardant, well ventilated, and compact, this tent is easy to bring along with you and a great addition to your gear.

The Beaver Pond


Say you are taking a long hike in the valleys of Northern Vermont and along the way, you come across a beaver pond littered with gray and old fir trees stripped of their green, poking out with pride from the calm and still pond. As it is nearing the end of Spring, you realize that this is the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. Those from Vermont know how this is something to prepare for every year, but you are even more prepared as you brought your B.A.S.E. Bug Tent with you! Now you can take than comfortable rest near the picturesque pond without getting bitten up by those blood-sucking insects.

Fast Employment

Easy Installation

This 20 ounce bag is compact and easy to transport as it neatly packs into a portable bag. The shock-corded fiberglass poles make for quick assembly and the bottomless design makes this tent compatible with any sleeping bag or mat. An extra portion of bug proof material folds out into the ground so you can stretch your legs out, or for those taller hikers and campers.

  • Designed for one
  • Lightweight
  • Compact and portable
  • Shock-corded fiberglass poles
  • Bottomless design
  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • Flame-retardant
  • Bug proof
  • Well ventilated
Dimensions (Expanded):
  • Length: 21" (53cm)
  • Width: 34" (86cm)
  • Height: 72" (664cm)
Dimensions (Packed):
  • Length: 16.5" (42cm)
  • Width: 4" (10mm)
  • Height: 3" (8mm)
  • Weight: 20 oz. (567 g)
UST B.A.S.E. Bug Tent For One
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