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Wagan 2017 Solar Power Battery Charger - 12v 185mA

Wagan 2017 Solar Power Battery Charger  - 12v 185mA
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Made for commuters and families, the Wagan 2017 solar charger is small enough to keep in your car on an everyday basis and tough enough to withstand the wear and tear of travel. This handy gadget provides a 12V charge to your car's battery or DC devices. Like Wagan's other solar chargers, this charger does not require direct sunlight to charge - just daylight! The unit requires no maintenance and is weather, rust, shock, and UV resistant, ensuring that your purchase will last even under diverse conditions.

Features and Specifications:
  • Ensures quick starts for your vehicle
  • DC devices charge via cigarette lighter socket
  • Amorphous solar panel
  • Weather/rust/shock/UV resistant frame
  • DC adapter included

More Information:

The Wagan 2017 Solar Power Battery Charger provides an ingenious way to keep your car battery or other DC devices charged. This device uses solar power to provide the charge but unlike many solar chargers, the Wagan 2017 does not need access to direct sunlight to function properly. Daylight is all that is needed for the Wagon 2017. This device requires no maintenance and the Wagan 2017 Solar Powered Battery Charger specs include the fact that these units are weather, rust, shock and UV resistant.

Wagan 2017 Solar Power Battery Charger - 12v 185mA
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