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Wagan 9912 Bead/Rattan Cool Cushion

Wagan 9912 Bead/Rattan Cool Cushion
Item #:WAGAN-9912
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Wagan 9912 Bead/Rattan Seat Cushion

Wagan Tech's Bead/Rattan seat cushion protects you from that scourge of the summer traveler-hot car seats. The high-quality wood beads are intricately woven to provide a soothing back and leg massage and to stay cool on hot days. The beads are strategically spaced to allow hot air to rise off the seat, cooling it faster.

Features and Specifications:
  • High-quality wood beats provide back and leg massage
  • Spaced beads allow ventilation for faster cooling of the seat
  • Rattan outline is durable and comfortable
Wagan 9912 Bead/Rattan Cool Cushion
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