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10180 Batteries

1/3 AAA Batteries for Small Flashlights

10180 batteries are becoming more and more popular as a power source for small-sized LED flashlights. While many keychain lights and small EDCs use AAA and custom battery packs, the 10180 gives users more power and more flexibility. A single AAA flashlight, for example, runs on 1.5V of power and requires you to replace your used batteries. 10180 batteries, on the other hand, offer 3.7V of power, thus enabling manufacturers to build brighter, more powerful keychain flashlights and small EDCs. Why not just stick to battery pack lights? The beauty of having a removable, rechargeable battery, like these 10180s, is that if/when the battery dies, you can easily replace it with a backup. LED flashlights with built-in battery packs, on the contrary, are out of commission for a time being, when the internal battery runs out of power.

Lithium-ion Chemistry in a Small Package

10180 batteries feature lithium-ion chemistry and are exceptionally small in size, measuring 10 mm (0.394") in diameter, (like 10280 and 10440 cells), and just 18 mm long (0.709") hence the name "10180". The tiny rechargeable cells still provide a relatively high capacity, like with all Li-ion batteries, as well as a low self-discharge. Lithium-ion cells are also lightweight and therefore ideal for use in portable electronics. 10180 batteries are truly a great choice for powering your keylights and smaller everyday carry lights, as they are more powerful and last longer than Alkaline AAAs. These rechargeable cells are also better for the environment as you can recharge and reuse the batteries over and over again.

Please note that some of the 10180 batteries we offer are unprotected and do not include the built-in PTC protection circuit. Please make sure to review your product's user's manual to make sure that it is compatible with an unprotected cell, prior to purchase. Have questions or need advice? Our team of customer service specialists is here to help you find the right batteries for your needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us via email, chat, or phone.