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Top 12 Chargers

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Rechargeable batteries are fantastic ways to save money and reduce waste. These twelve chargers are our favorite picks. When looking for quality battery chargers you should always keep an eye out for:

Battery Type: First and foremost, make sure your charger is compatible with the cells you use the most. Many modern chargers are capable of handling a variety of sizes and voltages, making them versatile options for your charging needs.

Independent Charging Channels: When each bay is capable of recognizing and responding to its own particular battery you're able to power up your cells at your own pace. Independent channels allows batteries of different voltages, sizes, and charge statuses to be brought to full-power at the same time, saving you time and ensuring the most complete charge.

Smart-Charge Technology: Every charger on our list will charge your batteries only as much as they need. This means you no longer have to worry about over-charging your cells or damaging your batteries or chargers.

Our favorite chargers offer these features and more and are available at the lowest prices anywhere!