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14500 Flashlights

The Best 14500 Flashlights on the Market

Reliable High Voltage

Some of the best keychain and EDC flashlights run on a 14500 rechargeable battery. Similar in size to the AA battery but with a higher power output, 14500 batteries are exactly what you need when the standard AA batteries won't cut it. Most of the flashlights that take a 14500 battery are lights that you carry with you everywhere, for example, the Klarus Mi7. The Klarus Mi7 is an everyday carry flashlight that can run on an alkaline AA battery, as well as the 14500. When discussing flashlights that run on 14500 batteries it is also important to think about their size. 14500 batteries and the lights that they power, are compact but still pack a mighty punch. Perfect for your day to day needs these 14500 flashlights are some of the best lights you could ask for.

Better for the Environment

It is important to move towards a green and healthier environment. Using a rechargeable battery repeatedly instead of constantly buying disposal one-time use batteries can help move us forward to that future. If your flashlight is capable of running on a 14500 battery you can save money and help save the planet by using a rechargeable battery instead of a standard AA alkaline. Battery Junction is your one stop shop for 14500 flashlights and the 14500 batteries that they utilize.