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Titanium Innovations | New 2020 Updates

titanium innovations CR123A and CR2 batteries new design

The Next Generation Has Arrived

Upgraded in every way, key improvements make these cells the very best batteries on the market

CR123A & CR2


Longer Lasting

Capacity significantly increased across all discharge rates means longer run times and less frequent battery changes for your flashlights, cameras and hard to reach security devices.


Temperature Tolerences

The enhanced proprietary chemistry has expanded usability from -40F up to 158F, offering industry-leading performance for outdoor devices.


Consistency & Safety

New state-of-the-art automated production lines; exclusive, patent pending processes; and advanced chemistry makes the Titanium Innovations CR2 and CR123A lithium batteries the safest and most reliable products available.

Originally invented for cameras that demanded high drain rates, then widely adopted by the flashlight industry, these cell types are increasingly called upon to power security and monitoring device due to their market-leading power density, shelf life, and stability across wide temperature ranges. Unlike flashlights and cameras, most alarm security and IoT (Internet of Things) devices have relatively low drain rates. This rapidly increasing usage in wireless IoT devices such as alarm sensors, security cameras, and monitoring devices has created demand for low-drain performance.

For nearly 2 decades, Titanium Innovations CR2 and CR123A lithium batteries have offered market leading performance and value. These improved cells are the result of a 4-year development process. Three important upgrades form the basis for the improvements; a new and fully automated winding process, an improved electrolyte, and a proprietary separator film. These three changes yield tighter tolerances, and equal or higher capacity at every discharge rate, resulting in improved performance, reliability, and safety

The new automated winding production line delivers a tighter and more consistent wind resulting in a 14% increase in rated capacity, and improved reliability yield, thus increasing product safety.

A proprietary electrolyte of modified Lithium Oxalyl Fluoroborate salt increases the cell capacity, operating temperature, and safety. Intrinsically non-hazardous, this new salt prevents thermal runaway under severe over-discharge conditions. This new chemistry is also responsible for the increased performance at extreme temperatures, increasing the tolerance range to from -4F - 140F to -40F - 158F.

A patent pending separator film and process creates a reaction-inhibiting region within the cell that prevents thermal runaway, and improves performance at high discharge rates.

The lithium belt negative electrode plate is grooved proximal to its electrode tab. The groove helps break the lithium belt in case of an overloaded discharge, or forced discharge (reversed charge).

These added layers of safety, in addition to the pre-existing safety features, such as PTC protection, a chemical fuse, and integrated vents make the new CR123A and CR2 primary lithium cells from Titanium Innovations a leader in performance, and safety.

Temperature and Voltage Performance Charts for the Titanium Innovations CR123A Battery

Performance charts of the new Titanium Innovations CR123A batteries