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20700 Batteries

What is a 20700 battery?

The 20700 battery is a lithium-ion cell that is defined or grouped by its size - 20mm in diameter and 70mm in length. They are slightly bigger in size than an 18650 battery, which makes them a specialized size cell. These batteries commonly have a high discharge and current draw rate while remaining at a low operating temperature, which makes them ideal and desirable for niche markets of high-drain devices and electronics. You can find them being used in different kinds of electric vehicles, scooters or skateboards (including medical mobility scooters), cordless power tools, custom projects and battery packs. Learn more about 20700 batteries here!

Are 20700 batteries safe?

Lithium batteries typically have higher capacities than standard alkaline cells and usually require a protection circuit board (PCB) to limit and monitor high discharge rates and temperatures. PCBs can be found in older lithium-ion batteries and are not necessarily needed in newer and safer lithium chemistries such as INR (Lithium Manganese Nickel) and IMR (Lithium Manganese Oxide) cells. Some unprotected lithium batteries have a flat top design which are designed to be used in custom battery packs and high-drain devices which need high discharge rates that are prevented by a protection circuit.

The unprotected lithium cells that we offer come with a specific warning about proper and improper use, and highly recommend that users read it thoroughly.

How long do 20700 batteries last?

The typical 20700 battery is rechargeable between 300 and 600 times! Most 20700 cells also have a stable shelf life of 3 to 5 years. All batteries degrade with time, but to keep your rechargeable battery running strong (and possibly even extending the lifetime), keep your batteries at room temperature, and follow manufacturer lithium-ion charging and discharging recommendations.

To keep your lithium-ion batteries going strong, Battery Junction has a selection of smart chargers that can specifically be used with our 20700 cells. Choose which Li-ion smart charger is best suited for your needs here!