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21700 Flashlights

Last Longer Than 18650s

Do you want a longer lasting flashlight without the bulky weight of higher-powered batteries? If so, then 21700 flashlights may just be the right illumination tools for you! These premium LED lights are powered by 21700 Li-ion batteries, which are just slightly larger than the more commonly-known 18650 yet offer a higher energy density and capacity. This means your 21700 flashlights will last longer and will delivery brighter outputs, without having to require two hands for carrying or for operation.

More Energy Density

Often times, with high-powered flashlights, you have to sacrifice portability, comfort, and convenience in order to maintain long run times and bright outputs. For example, the Acebeam EC65 is powered by one 21700 battery. When in its 20-lumen Ultra Low mode, this EDC flashlight lasts for up to four days! That's 96 hours of use at a pretty reasonable output level. The Nitecore P12 is a 1x18650 flashlight with an unbeatable runtime of 520 hours (over 21 days!); however, this is when the light is in its 1-lumen Firefly mode. If you are looking for a light that can still illuminate a room after a couple of days, then choose a 21700 flashlight.

The Power of Tesla in Your Hands

21700 batteries are becoming more and more popular in today's marketplace and are even rumored to be the power source choice of Tesla for their Tesla Model 3 mid-size sedan. These Li-ion rechargeable cells were originally developed to power electric bikes, which require long-lasting power in a small, lightweight form. Now these same, higher energy density batteries are being used in premium flashlights.

Check Back Often for New Additions

Since 21700 flashlights are new to the market, its imperative that you check our page often to see all of the latest newly-released lights. We here at BatteryJunction.com take pride in becoming the most knowledgeable sellers of premium flashlights and power products. Have a question about these powerful lights? Want to learn more about 21700 batteries? Please feel free to contact us through email, chat, or phone. Our customer service staff is here to help you find the right illumination tools and power sources for your individual needs.