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Size 675

Blue Hearing Aid Battery for BTE & ITE Devices

The size 675 hearing aid battery features a blue-colored tab for easy identification. This single-use button cell is often used in Behind-The-Ear (BTE) and in In-The-Ear (ITE) hearing aids. The BTE instrument features a hard plastic casing that is designed to wrap around the top of a user's ear. ITE devices, on the other hand, fit in the front of the ear and are custom-molded to the shapes of an individual's ear. While hearing aids cannot restore a user's hearing, they do improve everyday tasks for those with diminished hearing. Typically, hearing instruments are used to amplify sounds, by simply collecting sound through small microphones. That sound is then analyzed and converted by a computer, into new sound waves that are delivered to a user's ear. Because a hearing aid battery powers such a delicate yet important device, it is essential that the power source is reliable, safe, and long-lasting.

Safe, Zinc Air Technology

A size 675 hearing aid battery utilizes Zinc Air technology, which is safe, free of mercury, and long-lasting. Zinc Air is an interesting chemistry that utilizes the oxygen from the atmosphere as an active mass within the cell. To activate a battery, simply pull the blue tab away from the button cell. The Zinc Air battery will reach its full operating voltage in approximately five seconds. the 1.45-voltage single-use cell offers an impressive capacity, for its size, which keeps a hearing device running for approximately seven days. In addition to long-lasting power, the non-rechargeable 675 battery also offers a reliable shelf life up to four years (depending on the manufacturer.) Because this hearing aid battery lasts for about seven days, we recommend to end-users that they keep at least one month's worth of inventory on hand. Feel secure in knowing that the Zinc Air chemistry will maintain the button cell's power while in storage. Please note that this chemistry is sensitive to extreme temperatures and should be stored at room temperature.

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