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Titanium Innovations CH-8800 8-Bay Smart Fast Battery Charger with LCD Display - NiMH AA and AAAs - AC 100-240V + DC Adapters

Titanium Innovations CH-8800 8-Bay Smart Fast Battery Charger with LCD Display - NiMH AA and AAAs - AC 100-240V + DC Adapters
Titanium Innovations CH-8800 8-Bay Smart Fast Battery Charger with LCD Display - NiMH AA and AAAs - AC 100-240V + DC Adapters
Titanium Innovations CH-8800 8-Bay Smart Fast Battery Charger with LCD Display - NiMH AA and AAAs - AC 100-240V + DC Adapters
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Titanium Innovations CH-8800 8-Bay Smart Fast Battery Charger with LCD Display - NiMH AA and AAAs - AC 100-240V + DC Adapters
Titanium Innovations CH-8800 8-Bay Smart Fast Battery Charger with LCD Display - NiMH AA and AAAs - AC 100-240V + DC Adapters
Titanium Innovations CH-8800 8-Bay Smart Fast Battery Charger with LCD Display - NiMH AA and AAAs - AC 100-240V + DC Adapters
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Titanium 8800 AA/AAA Smart Fast Battery Charger for Ni-MH batteries

The Titanium 8800 is one of the finest AA/AAA battery chargers in the world. Utilizing highly advanced circuitry, the 8800 will safely and quickly charge high capacity batteries. A backlit LCD display indicates the charge level of each battery and integrated battery conditioning charges and discharges your batteries at the touch of a button to optimize the run time for your batteries and eliminates any memory effect. Micro Pulse Charging ensures the fastest, coolest, and most efficient charge for your batteries.

This charger's advanced technology lets you charge any combination of AA or AAA batteries in any charge state and indicates which battery is charged through individual LCD displays. The Titanium 8800 charger boasts top of the line safety features like negative Delva V voltage charge termination, a failsafe timer and thermal protection charge termination, short circuit and input voltage detection/protection, and reverse polarity, alkaline battery, and defective battery detection/protection. Keep one in your home or office to always have a fully charged set of batteries on hand.

Features and Specifications:
  • Backlit LCD display indicates charge level of each battery using a series of 4 "bars" (25/50/75/100% charged)
  • Integrated Battery Conditioning charges and discharges your batteries at the press of a button, optimizing the condition of the battery and eliminating any memory effect
  • Micro Pulse Charging ensures the fastest, coolest and most efficient possible charge
  • Eight independent charge channels charge almost any combination of AA/AAA batteries regardless of capacity and charge state.
  • Dependable safety features including negative Delta V termination, failsafe timer, thermal protection, short circuit and input voltage protection, reverse polarity, and alkaline/defective battery detection/protection
  • Ready to travel with a 100-240 50/60 Hz Auto switching AC Power Adapter, 12V DC power cord
  • CE and ETL certified, RoHS & FCC compliant
Please note: picture shows batteries for demonstration purposes, batteries are not included

Titanium LCD Multiple AA/AAA Smart Fast Charger (Refresh Function)
For Digital Cameras, Toys, Games, MP3.....

World Wide Use (100~240V) with 12V DC car charging capability!

Input................................. DC 12V~24V
Charging Current............... 500mA per channel
Automatic Shut-Off........... Negative Delta V
Safety Standard................. ETL, CE, FCC
Dimensions........................ 200 x 80 x 33 mm
Weight.............................. 120g

Capacity Battery Type
Estimated Charging Time
1~4pc 4~8pc
850mA AAA 0.8 hrs 1.6 hrs
1000mA AAA 1.0 hrs 2.0 hrs
2000mA AA 2.0 hrs 4.0 hrs
2500mA AA 2.5 hrs 5.0 hrs
2700mA AA 2.7 hrs 6.0 hrs
Charge Channels:8
Supported Chemistries:Ni-MH
Compatible Battery Sizes:AA, AAA
Charge Current:1000mA
Batteries Included:No
Product Certifications:CE, ETL, FCC, RoHS
Brand:Titanium Innovations
Warranty:Battery Junction 30-Day Warranty, Titanium 1 Year Warranty
Return Policy:Battery Junction Return Policy
Product Weight:4.23oz
Product Dimensions:7.87" (L) x 3.14" (W) x 1.29" (H)
Country of Origin:CN
24 Reviews
88% (21)
8% (2)
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4% (1)
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42% Recommend this product (10 of 24 responses)
By Stephen
Sun City West, AZ
April 14, 2017
Best charger I've ever used
I like the blue charging lights, and the batteries seem to charge relatively fast.
By rlamayo
Yuma, AZ
November 13, 2016
Great Smart Charger
The 8-bay smart charger is convenient for me. I have batteries for my camera flash and my son's gaming console controls. After using it to recondition my existing rechargeable batteries, it has helped me set aside bad AA and AAA batteries.
By Jonathan
Wolfeboro, NH
December 21, 2015
Nice charger
I have an 8-battery trail camera that I keep to take pictures of the critters near the horse pasture. This is nice because all 8 get charged all at once. It gives you a visual read-out of the charging status.
By Keith tonks
White lake Michigan
April 18, 2015
Workes great
Fast delivery workes great
By Bulletmaker
April 4, 2015
Can't be beat!
Needed a charger that WORKS!! This is the one for the job. It is easy to understand and use!! I had 16 batteries to charge and it found four that were bad. It charged the other ones up and they work great. BUY ONE, you will not regret it. Great Price for what you get!
ProsIt discharges the batteries, then charges them up to the top!!
By Patrick
Merritt Island, FL
January 31, 2015
Excellent product
I've been using this charger on the job everyday for a year and a half now and simply love it! No problems ever. Works like a charm, fast and efficient. Would highly recommend!
January 14, 2015
By Ron
Woodhaven, MIchigan
January 8, 2015
Great charger for the price
The capacity display is a great way to see the status of your battery charge. Want to discharge?.......just press the refresh button on the respective bank side and this charger automatically discharges and then charges your batteries. Glad I made this purchase.
ProsEasy to use. Great display.
By andironcounty
Salome Az
November 28, 2014
Well,obviously,you can tell by looking,you've got a lot of slots to accommodate your AAAs and AAs as well. So the opportunity exists to get the device powered off rather quickly.The charger and batteries can get a little warm but that goes with the "fast" notation. One thing I like is the ease of insertion and removal of the batteries. The charger`s state of charge icon presents on a blue background.
Pros12v operation
ConsNo attenuated current option
By Jon
New Port Richey, FL
November 19, 2014
A lot for your money!
As others have pointed out ,I also have more expensive chargers, But for the price this one works well for me ..so far no issues...many nice features at this price point.
Pros8 slots, bad batt protection, individual monitoring and yes DC capable......compact and easy to use.
ConsCould be sturdier.....
By Brad123
April 20, 2013
Broken already
Just purchased this unit, used it twice with Tenergy NiMH batteries. Third time, the LCD display went out on both sides and now has intermittently come back on one side only. Unit does not charge batteries anymore. This product is a great way to burn through 28 bucks! Take a pass.
By don54321
January 6, 2013
Titanium Smart Fast 8 Bay
I am very pleasantly surprised. I bought it for 8 cell capacity, but I quickly discovered that this charger identified bad cells instantaneously that were not normally detected by a more expensive charger. I also own an much more expensive La Crosse charger with a world of advanced functions that I seldom use. The Titanium charger rejected a whole bunch of my large AA collection. I took these cells which I regularly charge on the La Crosse without indicating a problem and invoked the time consuming discharge capacity test function on the LaCrosse. These cells were only showing about a 3rd of rated capacity. The Titanium quickly helped me weed out the bad cells so they were no longer causing me problems. I am thrilled as this would have taken a week to do on the LaCrosse. It seems to charge batteries great too. I highly recommend this charger!
By Michael
November 25, 2012
The first review was a bad review. So far this charger has been good - so far. I like the discharge feature to recondition batteries. I recharged batteries ready for disposal and brought it back to life. The batteries are still in use after 6 months. Worth buying to save money on purchasing new batteries.
By Jim
November 9, 2012
same problem as \"Rick\"
does a great job, however 2 of the slots show error/bad batteries. The unit is less than a year old.
By rick
August 3, 2012
breaks down soon
This charger is NOT made to last! Before one year was up, two of the charging slots were occasionally not working, at 13 months those two don\'t work at all and two more only work occasionally. Charge indicators on two more slots don\'t work properly. I have contacted BatteryJunction and will update on the response. $27 for a critical piece of my infrastructure which then breaks down in less than one year is NOT a good price.
By caintry_boy
February 23, 2011
Great Charger
Plugged in and it worked right away. Tells if you have dead batteries (not re-chargeable) and indicates full charge.
By Forman
October 27, 2010
Superb Value
This is probably the best deal out there for a powerful eight-bay charger. All instructions and usage data is included in a nice retail package. Refresh and charging worked without a hitch on my first try. I\'m very pleased and hope that BatteryJunction continues to carry this model. Simply outstanding.
By Dean
September 9, 2010
Bought this charger, had an issue. When I called BatteryJunction they resolved it *immediately*. This is a great charger, and a great company.
August 19, 2010
Very easy and Reliable
This charger works well. So easy to use and you can charge 1, 8 or any number in between with its independent channels 8 depending on your requirements. Plus if you like it will drain and re-charge your battery when ever you feel your batteries need some maintenance. Smaller than I thought it would be, which is good and it is DC capable. That is a great option to have. The reliability , compactness, features when weighted against the cost. This battery charger is a solid deal.
By Railbonder
August 5, 2010
I Love This Charger
I have played around with small 4 cell \"fast chargers\" for awhile and have not been very pleased. Then I purchased this one, and it has far exceded my expectations. I have an electronic flash unit that uses 5 AA batteries, so I could never charge a full set at once. This charger will do any number of cells (up to 8) at a time. You can even mix and match sizes. It also has a great conditioning feature that allows you to fully discharge your batteries before recharging. I used this on some older Duracell 2650 mah cells I have had for awhile, and now they work good as new. The seperate charge indicator displays are also very helpfull, as well as the 12v DC power cable, so I can use it in the car. This is a great product at a great price. Coupled with the excellent service from Battery Junction, this can\'t be beat.
By Christian
June 29, 2010
Great Charger at a great price
I purchased this charger to compliment my analyzer/charger which while good is many times more expensive. To make a long story short, this charger works just as well, can handle twice as many batteries and now does the lions share of my charging needs. My other charger is now relegated to sniffing out bad batteries in my aging collection of AA and AAAs. Order with confidence, even if you\'re located in Canada like I am... great product, great service!
By amslerknives
May 13, 2010
best charger you can buy
I\'m a photographer and I have to charge about 20 to 30 batteries a night and this is hands down the best charger I\'ve ever used. After receiving it I threw in some batteries that I just previously charged and they weren\'t even fully charged. I\'m definitely buying a few more of these. Best price I\'ve seen also. Battery junction is great.
By Locoboy5150
January 26, 2010
Titanium Innovation M-8800
This is a superb charger that does its job perfectly with my Sanyo Eneloop NiMh batteries every single time. It charges them and then turns off when they reach peak voltage as it should every time. The discharge function also works perfectly. It is durable and small enough for travel use even though it is not marketed specifically as a travel charger. It is about as small as you can get for an eight AA battery charger. I have used it on several car trips and the fact that it can be powered just as well with 12 Volts DC came in extremely handy on those long drives. The information in the instruction manual isn\'t too descriptive so here is some detailed information on how to operate the M-8800. ------------------------------------------------------------ The LCD bar graphs blink sequentially to show what\'s going on: * Blink upward - charging. * Blink downward - discharging. If you use the refresh mode, the cells will be discharged and then the charger will automatically start charging them immediately. The charger will not shut off or stop and wait for you to do something after the batteries are discharged. Unlike when the batteries are being charged, there is no way to tell how far along the discharging process is. All four segments of the LCD bar graphs will blink downward throughout the discharge cycle. That will not change if there is one minute left in the cycle or three hours. To stop the discharging process and begin charging, just press the refresh buttons again. The LCD bar graphs will change from blinking downward (discharge) to blinking upward (charge.) When the batteries are fully charged, the LCD bar graphs will stop blinking and all four segments of the bar graphs will be lit up completely. ------------------------------------------------------------ I am very happy with my M-8800 and I cannot say enough positive things about it.
By Jeff H.
October 2, 2009
Titanium Smart Fast 8 Bay
Very good charger. It took my old rechargables and reconditioned them. They now last like they did when they were new. Money WELL spent. Don\'t mess with those cheap chargers at the discount stores. This is the one you want.

Titanium Innovations CH-8800 8-Bay Smart Fast Battery Charger with LCD Display - NiMH AA and AAAs - AC 100-240V + DC Adapters

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