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ABE AED Batteries

What is an AED?

Defibrillators or AEDs are priceless life saving medical devices that are used around the globe in a large variety of public places and residences. AEDs (Automated External Defibrillator) are portable, safe, electronic medical devices that shock the heart to restore it's normal rhythm during a sudden Cardiac Arrest. These devices are automated with audio and visual commands and are designed to be simple enough for any bystander to use. You can learn more about AEDs and their replacement batteries here.

What is ABE?

ABE (AED Battery Exchange) is a Green Technology company that promotes convenient and reliable recycling of AED battery packs by re-celling proprietary lithium defibrillator batteries. ABE supplies an economical substitute to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Automated External Defibrillator battery cells for a fraction of the cost. These re-celled batteries use OEM components, but have identical performance and efficiency as the originals. Available models are interchangeable with popular brands and models such as Heartstart, PowerHeart, Lifepak, Philips and many more.

What is a "Re-Celled" battery?

AED battery packs have two main parts- Lithium cells and a housing (or original case). A "Re-celled" battery is one that has had the Lithium cells safely replaced with new ones. ABE replaces the cells, some electronics are reset if needed, the housing is polished to remove any imperfections, the packs are relabeled and go through extensive inspections and testing. Only non rechargeable AED battery packs qualify for the re-celling process.

Are ABE batteries different from manufacturer models?

The FDA has determined that ABE re-celled batteries are equivalent to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) packs. The only thing that differs on these battery packs are the price and their labels. ABE guarantees comparable performance, voltage, shelf life, FDA approval, warranty and liability coverage as the originals.

How long do ABE AED batteries last?

ABE AED re-celled batteries have the same lifespan as manufacturers- up to 5 years. Makes and models vary, but most AED batteries should be replaced every 2-5 years to ensure safety. It is important to know the battery replacement date on your AED and have a replacement on hand. Routine checks and nearby replacement batteries are considered best practices to guarantee the performance and continuting efficiency of an AED. You can read more about AED maintenance here.

Why do we carry ABE batteries?

ABE battery packs not only cost 50%-60% less than OEM AED batteries, but they are also helping the environment in a big way by re-celling and recycling the Lithium cells and their housing. Maintaining their Green Technology brand- ABE is helping reduce the amount of disposed plastic and non-discharged hazardous waste in the United States. Help keep our planet green and support this company that is making strides to positively affect our communities and environment.