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ABE AED Batteries

ABE Defibrillator Batteries

ABE (AED Battery Exchange) provides long lasting and reliable replacement batteries for automated external defibrillator medical devices. These batteries are specialized for emergency use and feature extra long shelf lives and the reliable high voltage power required to save lives. Available models cover popular brands and models such as Heartstart, PowerHeart, Lifepak and many more.

What makes ABE batteries stand out from the competition is that they are equal to the OEM batteries in overall quality but they surpass OEM batteries in pricing. The ABE batteries cost on average 50%-60% less than AED OEM batteries. In the United States, there are well over two hundred million AED's that need to have their batteries changed on a regular basis. With the outstanding performance and better price these batteries should be your go-to for your company. ABE Batteries are FDA regulated and the company uses Green Technology when manufacturing their batteries. It is important to continually help the environment and this company is making strides to positively affect our planet.