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Reflectors for Olight M20 Warrior Tactical LED Flashlight - Fits the Olight M20, M20S, R5 and S2 versions - Orange Peel

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This item is Discontinued
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This optional reflector for the Olight M20 is offered for those looking for the tightest beam with the farthest throw and best fog/smoke penetration. Fits the Olight M20 and M20S, R5 and S2 versions.

Please Note: This reflector will not fit the Q5 or R2 versions of the M20 or the XML upgrade engines.

When switching reflectors be sure to never touch the inside of the reflectors with anything as the inner surfaces are extremely delicate.

By Aaron
Columbus, OH
Perfect for a good type of spotlight type feature.
March 14, 2020
This really does help the M20 warrior to shine the great distance with this smooth reflector, even today in 2020 this light and reflector combo shine the great span of sky wonder.
By Biggo
Great addition
May 1, 2017
Good buy and addition for the m20.
By Diego
Good reflector, but be sure about the version you have.
March 3, 2013
5 o 6 years ago I bought a 250 Lumens M20 Warrior Premium for urban EDC in Amazon.com (now a day I don\'t like Amazon). I have had returned it 2 times because after 2 or 3 months the flaslight crashed. I use to use the flashlits and torchs in high, I like one mode or at least 3 modes with strobe flashlights without memory, always turn on in high. My CQC shotgungs or carbines has one mode. For tactical pourpose is the better way, for outdoor or recreational 8 levels, Ok, is fine. Fortunately a friend of mine traveled to USA and sent it back and received in USA the replacements units (I live in Argentina!). I have the third unit and it works erraticaly. A week ago I placed an order: a smooth reflector and a M20 Module beside other products. Yestarday I received the package in my home. First I tried to install the smooth reflector but din\'t fix it, after a litlle research I found my M20 is an R2 version, my mistake, so i gone on. I replaced the the orinigal module to XML U2 LED module with the orange pill reflector (fitted well and work without problems, works better than the original, flawlles) and changed the XML U2 reflector to the Olight smooth reflector. Amazing! Same temperature color LED (K). The smooth reflector fits in the upgrade module! May be you are asking why I upgraded an old flashligt two hands operation change modes....well, because I love my the early M20 version, remember we are talking about 5 or 6 years old flashlight. How many flaslights had ANSY/LEMA FL1 standards?. I have a lot of flashlights and torches, my new urban EDC flashlight is a TerraLUX TT-5 It has a minors flaws but I\'ve fixed, except the tail stand issue.
Sorry my English, I\'m an Argentinian resident, so i buy online and is a pain in the....head to return products, never have any kind of problem buying in BaterryJunction!
By the way, Batteryjunction is my prfered place to buy all kind of stuuf, If you want to buy LPPG, ELZETTA, HSGI, BlackHawk, etc... , reffer to them. If I want to buy a US 30 dropleg MOLLE platform the shipping cost (international overseas) to my Country, Argentina, is US150 or 170. BJ is US 16 to 28!
When I have time I\'ll write about others products I have.
I hope my writing helps.
By Scott B.
M20 Smooth
January 26, 2011
The smooth reflector really does give you a finer beam, very easy to replace not sure why it doesn\'t come as a standard reflector
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Reflectors for Olight M20 Warrior Tactical LED Flashlight - Fits the Olight M20, M20S, R5 and S2 versions - Orange Peel

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