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Acebeam Batteries

Powerful Enough for Premium Flashlights

When it comes to powering your LED flashlights, having the right power source is pivotal. Acebeam batteries were designed and developed to work with the company's growing selection of premium lights and illumination tools. These Li-ion rechargeable batteries offer enough energy and capacity to keep your flashlights running longer and blasting brighter. And now with the introduction of the 21700-powered flashlight, these Acebeam batteries are sure to satisfy all of your illuminating needs - the 21700 battery offers more energy and a larger capacity, without the extra size and weight that is typical of a more powerful battery.

Need to replace your current LED flashlight? Acebeam offers a unique selection of EDC, search, and tactical lights, all suited for use by uniformed professionals. Browse through their entire selection to find the right handheld light for your needs. Once you've selected your flashlight, don't forget to add on some backup Acebeam batteries to your order.