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ADT Battery Replacements

ADT Alarm System Batteries

ADT is one of the most well-known names in the residential home security industry. What sets ADT apart from many of the other DIY home security systems out on the market is their 24/7 monitoring. ADT is more than just a plug-n-play alarm setup. Every ADT system is monitored, which therefore provided added security and protection. If you are out of state on a family vacation and something happens to your home, the professionals at ADT will be able to notify the local fire and police agencies, when you can't. ADT also offers a free in-home consultation with a security expert to help you find the right solutions to fit your home and your individual needs. Finally, ADT home security provides users with expert installation and repair of a security system.

What many people don't realize is that a security alarm system, whether DIY or professional, requires a lot of different components and pieces. How many windows do you want to monitor? Just the 10 on the first floor or perhaps you want to include the 5 in the basement as well? What about doors - how many door sensors will you need and where should the sensors be positioned for best results? Will you need glass break detectors too? The security experts at ADT can help answer those questions, and their certified technicians can do the installation as well. All you need to do it live your life and make sure the batteries in all of your sensors and detectors are live and working. That's where we come in.

Your #1 Source for ADT Home Security Battery Replacements

A standard security system is made up of varying quantities of the following components: Door and Window Sensors, Glass Break Sensors, Key Fobs, Motion Detectors, Smoke Alarms, and Carbon Monoxide Detectors. Given that most of these sensors are wireless and located on door and window frames, and on a wall, down the hallway, it is required that they be battery-powered. One of the main reasons why alarm systems work is because they are not obvious to an intruder and can capture motion or sense movement before he can notice. For this reason, these detectors are small and do not have unsightly wires dangling down. Because these individual components are used together to keep your home safe, it's important that the batteries are replaced in a timely manner so as to continue to maintain complete surveillance.

Each component has a different function and therefore requires a different size and style of battery replacement. Door and window sensors, for example, typically run off of CR123A batteries, as they have low self-discharge rates. A key fob, on the other hand, runs on lithium coin cells, because they are much smaller and therefore easier to carry with you every day. BatteryJunction.com offers over 1500 different batteries across over 50 different sizes to suit the diverse needs of our customers. From single-use alkaline cells to custom battery packs for alarm panels and tablets, we have everything you need to keep your electronic devices, including home monitoring systems, powered and ready to go.

ADT Battery Replacements for Key Fobs

Another way that ADT differs from other DIY home security systems is that their setup is compatible with a variety of brands and manufacturers, which therefore gives users more of a choice when it comes to style and functionality. In fact, they have 25 different key fob models with which they are compatible. A home security key fob gives you the ability to remotely arm or disarm your monitoring system - no more having to remember a code! Many of these portable keypads also have a built-in panic button to communicate with the 24/7 surveillance team in an emergency. In the Key Fob table below, we compiled a list of ADT battery replacements that are compatible with your key fob device. We also have tables for your smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and glass break sensors.

Replacement Batteries for All of Your Sensors & Detectors

ADT battery replacements from BatteryJunction.com work with more than just your key fob. We also sell the required 9V, CR123A, AA, AAA, CR2, and coin cell batteries needed to power each and every component within your ADT alarm system. We also keep fresh inventory so that your order ships quickly and the batteries are reliable. We recommend keeping backup batteries on hand for when your system's power sources begin to run low. By keeping a backup supply of batteries, you are able to instantly update the power source when you receive the low power notification, therefore keeping your surveillance system up and running. When you are finished replacing the batteries, simply visit us here to purchase the necessary replacements. Many of the ADT battery replacements needed feature lithium chemistry, which typically has a 10-year shelf life! Feel secure in knowing your replacements batteries from BatteryJunction.com will maintain your home's security system, keeping you and your loved ones safe.

Still researching before making the commitment to a home security system? We offer replacement batteries for a variety of brand and series, including products from Kidde, SimpliSafe, Nest, and First Alert. Check out our security and alarm batteries page to find all of the replacement batteries you'll need for your home and office surveillance systems.

Key Fob Battery Replacements

Model(s) Description Battery Size Chemistry We Recommend
5804, 5804-2 Ademco Wireless Key CR2025 Lithium Maxell
WS4939, WS4949 DSC Wireless Key Fob
WS4938 DSC Wireless Medical/Panic Pendant
5802MN2, MCT-211 Visonic Wireless Medical/Panic Pendant
5804BD, 5804BDV Ademco Wireless Key/Key Fob CR2430 Lithium Energizer
W5802MN2 Ademco Wireless Panic/Medical Pendant
5805-6, 5834-4, 5834-2 Ademco Wireless Key/Key Fob CR2032 Lithium Panasonic
5878 Ademco Wireless Keypad/Remote Control
5802MN Ademco Wireless Panic/Medical Pendant
WS4979 DSC 4 Button Wireless Keypad Remote
WT4989 DSC Alexor Wireless Key Fob
WLS919-433 DSC Key/Key Fob
4969 DSC Wireless Key/Key Fob
5827, 5827BD Ademco Wireless Keypad/Remote Control 9V Alkaline Duracell 1604
GD00Z-02 ADT Pulse Garage Door Opener CR2450 Lithium Energizer
WLS909-433 DSC Wireless Key/Key Fob LR44 / AG13 Alkaline Maxell
MCT-234 Visonic Wireless Key/Key Fob 21/A23 Alkaline Duracell
MCT-201, MCT201WP Visonic Wireless Medical/Panic Pendant
MCT-237 Visonic Wireless Key/Key Fob AAA Alkaline Duracell MN2400
MCM-140, MKP-150, MKP 151 Visonic Wireless Keypad CR123A Lithium Panasonic

Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector Batteries

Model(s) Description Battery Size Chemistry We Recommend
5800CO Ademco CO Detector CR123A Lithium Panasonic
51000-305/51000-307 Apollo Wireless CO Alarm
WS4913 DSC Wireless CO Detector
MCT-442 Visonic CO Detector 9V Alkaline Duracell 1604

Door & Window Sensor Batteries

Model(s) Description Battery Size Chemistry We Recommend
WLS906 Ademco Wireless Door/Window Contact AAA Alkaline Duracell MN2400
WLS907 DSC Wireless Door/Window Contact
4275EX Ademco 4275EX PIR CR123A Lithium Panasonic
997 Ademco Ceiling Mount PIR
5816 Ademco Door/Window Transmitter
5817 Ademco Wireless Door/Window Contact
5816MN Ademco Wireless/Window Contact
WS4945 DSC Wireless Door/Window Contact CR2 Lithium Tenergy
WLS925L-433 DSC Wireless Door/Window Transmitter
MCT-302, MCT-320 Visonic Wireless Door/Window Contacts
5811 Ademco Wireless Door/Window Contact CR2032 Lithium Panasonic
EV-DW4978 DSC Wireless Door/Window Contact Vanishing-Style
EV-DW4955 DSC Wireless Door/Window Contact Mini-Style CR2450 Lithium Duracell

Glass Sensor Batteries

Model(s) Description Battery Size Chemistry We Recommend
5850, 5852 Ademco Wireless Glassbreak Detector 9V Alkaline Duracell 1604
2500 Ademco Audio and Shock Sensor CR123A Lithium Panasonic
5852 Ademco FlexGuard Glassbreak
5819, 5819WHS Ademco Shock Sensor
5853 Ademco Wireless Glassbreak Detector
912 Series DSC Wireless Glassbreak Detector
EV-DW4927 DSC Wireless Shock Sensor
25800SS1 Ademco Wireless Shock Sensor CR2 Lithium Tenergy

Motion Sensor Battery Replacements

Model(s) Description Battery Size Chemistry We Recommend
MCPIR-3000 Visonic Wireless PIR Motion Detector 1/2 AA Lithium Saft
5898 Ademco Wireless Dual-Type Motion Detector AA Alkaline Duracell MN1500
WLS914 DSC Wireless PIR Motion Detector AAA Alkaline Duracell MN2400
5800PIR Ademco PIR Motion Detector CR123A Lithium Panasonic
55897-35 Ademco Wireless Dual-Type Motion Detector
5890PI PIR Ademco Wireless Motion Detector/Transmitter with Pet Immunity
5890 Ademco Wireless PIR Motion Detector
5894PI Ademco Wireless PIR Motion Detector
5800PIR-RES Ademco Wireless Residential PIR Motion Detector
904 Series DSC Wireless PIR Motion Detector
WLS4965 DSC Wireless TriZone Contact
Clip MCW Visonic Wireless PIR Motion Detector
Next + Visonic Wireless PIR Motion Detector
Tower-40 Visonic Wireless PIR Motion Detector
WLS904PL-433 DSC Motion Detector CR2 Lithium Tenergy
Discovery Visonic Wireless PIR Motion Detector

Smoke Detector Batteries

Model(s) Description Battery Size Chemistry We Recommend
5806 Ademco Wireless Smoke Detector 9V Alkaline Duracell 1604
MCT-425 Visonic Wireless Smoke Detector
WLS906 DSC Wireless Smoke Detector AA Alkaline Duracell MN1500
5808 Ademco Photoelectronic Smoke/Heat Detector CR123A Lithium Panasonic
5808W3/W3 Ademco Photoelectronic Smoke/Temp Detector
5809 Ademco Rate-of-Rise Heat Detector
5192SD Ademco Smoke Detector
5192SDT Ademco Smoke Detector with Integral Heat Sensor
5807L, 5807LT, 5807LS, 5807LST Ademco Wireless Smoke Detector
WS926 DSC Wireless Smoke Detector
MCT-426, MCT-427 Visonic Wireless Smoke Detector