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Alarm Panel Batteries

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Replacement Batteries for Commercial Security System Control Panels

Backup Power is Just as Important!

When arming your business with a security system, the ultimate goal is to keep your property and the people within it safe from burglary, fire, and vandalism. Typically, hardwired security systems are made up of multiple components, such as door sensors, smoke detectors, and safety alarms. All of these devices are powered by a central panel, which is the heart of the operation and is therefore, a pivotal piece of equipment for obtaining a properly working security system. Most commercial alarm panels are hardwired but have a backup power source for when the electricity runs out. Professionally-monitored setups, for example, use telephone lines the communicate with a user's security system. With a backup battery in place, communication can still occur even when the power goes out. Alarm system batteries are therefore just as crucial to your business' security as the system itself, or perhaps even more! We here at BatteryJunction.com have compiled a list of suitable alarm panel replacement batteries to help you find the right backup power source to keep your security system up-and-running.

What Kind of Alarm System Batteries Do I Need?

Security alarm panels typically operate on 12 volts and utilize a sealed lead acid battery as a backup power source. BatteryJunction.com offers an assortment of Power-Sonic SLA alarm system batteries that range in AH rating from 4 to 8AH. For clarification purposes, the amp hours of a lead acid battery indicates how much energy can be stored. The Power-Sonic PS-1250, for example, is one of the most commonly used alarm system batteries, due to its compact size. This SLA has an AH rating of 5AH, which means that it will provide 5 amps of current at a usable 10.5 volts of power, continuously for 220 hours. Sealed lead acid batteries, in particular, do not have a linear relationship between a battery's capacity and their rate of discharge. On the contrary, the capacity of an SLA decreases as the rate of discharge increases - a theory known as Peukert's Law.

The Honeywell VISTA-21iP control panel, for example, uses a 4AH battery that provides 7 hours of standby power. The VISTA-128BPT commercial burglary alarm control panel, on the other hand, utilizes either a 4AH or a 7AH 12V sealed lead acid battery. When using a 7AH SLA in standby mode, the VISTA-128BPT control panel will continue to operate for approximately four hours. If you are unsure of what AH rating is required for your security system, we recommend consulting your product's user manual. Honeywell Security has even developed a power calculator that helps users calculate just how much energy their system will require. Simply select your Honey alarm panel from the drop-down menu and then enter the number of different components that are included in your security system. For example, using the VISTA-21iP alarm panel with three keypad interfaces and five smoke detectors the calculator determines that a 7.5AH battery is recommended for optimal performance.

Changing Your Alarm System Batteries is Easy

While your alarm system batteries do not require a lot of maintenance, it is important to keep your backup power supply fresh. We recommend replacing your battery every few years to be safe. Changing out your alarm system batteries is quite a simple task that involves disconnecting and connecting different wires to your battery's terminals. Please feel free to visit Shield Security's "How to Change Your Alarm System Battery" blog post that includes step-by-step instructions on how to remove the old battery and to install a fresh one. ADT users can visit the company's FAQ page to find additional instructions on how to replace an alarm system battery.

When shopping for alarm system batteries, it is important to make sure you find one that is compatible with your current control panel. The size of the battery is dependent upon the interior storage space of your alarm panel and the types of equipment installed onto the security system. Please make sure to purchase the same size battery as the one you are about to replace.